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No description

Jenny Sink

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of RYLA

Welcoming Atmosphere
Dean and Rochelle Whellams - The Dream Team
- exuberant couple who were the leaders of RYLA
- very inspiring people; amazing
- their job is to go around hosting leadership forums for groups of people and inspire them to be leaders
- they brought their whole family to experience the camp with us!
- strong support through any issue
knew what to say
- reccommend them as speakers!

Leaders Ready to Make a Change
Phil Boyte and Tyler Durman - Inspirational Speakers
Rec Time - Getting to Know Others
first day I did not talk to anyone unless they talked first and only talked to Jenny
the rest of the days of rec time, I don't think that I even saw Jenny during rec time
hung out with other people that I met
taught me a great deal about myself
The Key to Unlock a New Life

Thank you!
Ropes Courses
Olympics - Uniting OUR Strengths
making headbands and flags, using creative ideas to make team names and team chants
played games where each person had their own strengths and helped the team
even though we didn't win, we had the satisfaction of our group coming closer
Board Breaking
Building Bikes - Giving Back
Talent Show - Encouraging Others Passions
Songs & Chants - Stepping Up
Chants: After an emotional empowerment they would have us close our eyes listen to a motivational song and yell these strong words: "Now I am the Voice
I will Lead not Follow
I Believe not Doubt
I am Strong
I am Powerful
Defy the Odds
Step up, Step UP, STEP UP" then take a deep breath in and out to relax and take it all in.
- What these words mean to me...
What WE Learned
- It was a very different environment, walking into that camp, rather than any other camp or school
- everyone was there for a reason chosen by Rotary
- felt like everyone wanted to meet you
- not so cliquey
- we heard that this camp was life changing but didn't know what to expect
- I wish i could project this atmosphere that we had at camp at school
- after just one week we all felt close like family
- open-minded to what lies ahead
- most everyone was passionate about
leadership or making a difference

- the study of how a person thinks and
behaves based on their genetics and how they emerged in life (experiences)
- we all took online personality tests before going to the camp so that we could receive our results during
- ranked us on how we think into percentages split btwn analytical, structural, social, and conceptual
- gave us a presentation on the study to help better understand our results
- percentiles were given to determine "how you compare to the general population of females"
- measured what behaviors we exemplify such as Expressiveness, Assertiveness, and Flexibility
- My Results: the reaction
- Activity: we split off into our categories of highest
percentages and worked with others who thought
like us.
- What I learned...
- pass around
after we established trust with our work groups we to climbed tall heights guided by our team
How i previously felt about heights... haha
Overly confident on the low ropes
My experience on the Alpine Tower
<3 My group and I :)
- They asked us to bring our instruments so I brought my voice :)
- Everyone was encouraged to show off their talents who usually wouldn't
- I met a girl in my cabin who wouldn't sing alone, so we sang together and became good friends
- The support and attention each person was given for even getting up there was astounding
- I loved watching shy people emerge out
of their comfort zones to share
their talent with us

after the long three hour bus ride, I was ready to basically call it a day, but then Rochelle came on to the bus and immediately started to get us pumped up with her loud personality
when we got off the bus, we just threw our stuff on the ground and started running through a tunnel of people, with everyone giving each other high-fives.
when we found our groups, right away we were talking to our group members about the most random things that I never did at Oak Ridge. We shared the displeasure of the difficult task of finding the flags.
- this was the hardest thing for me to do at camp
- I was terrified I wouldn't be able to break the board
- I went last out of everybody...
- How it changed me...
Present my board!
I learned more about myself than I thought I could. I made a goal to meet everyone at camp, I did. I touched the top of the 80ft Alpine Tower and I broke my board. I learned that I have the potential to do whatever I set my mind to no matter how much of a load it ends up to be. If I put my heart into it, nothing can stop me, I will be the difference. I can make a difference. With what I learned I plan on leading Leadership Seminars around the community. My first one is on Aug 30th :)
Phil Boyte:
was incredibly funny and asked the most out of the box questions that surprised you
did activities that allowed me to know people better
something I would not have done
Tyler Durman:
made the most unusual jokes that would make you laugh
told story about Rodney and what he learned
went first because I could feel the fear from the other people
wanted to show others that it wasn't hard
got emotional when I saw others go through the pain that they were feeling
This is the first time that I ever had his sort of experience, where I had to put myself out there and be a leader. I learned how to get out of my shell and make friends. When we did swing dancing, I went out and asked people to dance that were sitting all alone. I also learned that I am not alone in the problems that I have and I always have someone to talk to if I have to. People actually depended on me and shared their problems with me. I have more friends than I had before. I already met some of them!
made superhero costumes with random blankets
bring out your creative side
did activity with one person in the middle and two people saying positive things and two saying negative things
you could only here good things
extremely scared of heights
able to complete challenges that I wouldn't have even attempted
have incredible trust in our group, who were basically holding us up
kids came from Boys and Girls Club and were incredibly sweet and welcoming
loved the bikes (should have seen the look on their faces)
wrote letters for them
rode bikes around the room while we cheered them on
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