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Social Dining Network

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of COMUNDO




25-45 years
International, bi- or multilingual
Professionals living in Barcelona
Live in urban environment
General interest in food, cultures and travel

a user-friendly web platform to connect people

awareness of food and cultural diversity

as many cultures as possible

loyal and generous partnerships
Multicultural and eventful city
Nearly 18% immigrants
Need for integration instead of isolation
Local, national and international policies
Mobile World Capital
Collaborative consumption first only between family & friends
Grown to an own business model
People share car rides, accommodation and food
Motivation: sustainability, enjoyment of the activity and economic gains
Enormous rise of the fast food consumption
Enjoy real and local food again
Interest in healthier lifestyle
Street food trend

Non profit association
Tax exempted status
Every user is automatically member
Connect online and offline world
Quarterly public events
Monthly food workshops
Flyers and posters with links to website and social media

Culinary sharing network
Connects people online to cook offline
Different cultures in Barcelona

Core product:
Online platform

public events
food workshops

makes meals more meaningful
by promoting
food and cultural diversity
through the use of

Website and newsletter
Monthly changing themes
Facebook & Instagram
Digital Storytelling
User Generated Content
Photo competitions & hashtags
Characteristics of Barcelona

Sharing Economy

Slow Food Movement
75% go to the host
25% go to COMUNDO
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