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How do I get in???

Photosynthesis and respiration are relevant!!

Kathy Snyder

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of How do I get in???

Gianna found this song
and suggested it would keep us motivated, & focused on our task...
"How do I get in?"
Here's what we decided to do
Imagine that you have all dozed off and are dreaming. In your dream you have become a stoma-sized carbon dioxide molecule!
"I desperately tried to open the door to get into the leaf." said Alex. I wasn't alone. Connor, Cheyenne, Tae, Ava, Abhishek, Cooper, and everyone in 7th grade were trying to get inside their stomata too. No one could!!!!! Instead of the guards (guard cells) letting us in, they shut "the doors" and we were locked outside!!

Our lives are in danger!
Charles suggested we stop panicking and begin to think....
Laura suggested we observe our surroundings.
Gino suggested we use our iPhones (stoma-sized) to find out about
Skyler assured us he'd find the "key" that would open them up for us!
Gianna found a song for us to listen to while we tried to open the stomata.
Peter found this website to guide us:
Our findings
Stomata don't open when the temperature is too
If stomata don't open, carbon dioxide cannot get in, and water cannot get out.
cannot get out either.
If consumers don't have
, they begin to
feel sleepy
just like we've been feeling!
The cells of these consumers cannot do their jobs!
(like the plant whose stomata we are trying to enter) can begin to die because they don't have the CO2 they need.
In short, the entire ecosystem crashes!!
It all began in Science....
I know this guy looks NERDY, but he knows a lot about photosynthesis. Even if you're totally bored, just
to listen.
Your eyelids are
We used this song to help us make the connection between photosynthesis and respiration.
Ryan gave the guard
cells lots more of this:

helps them to stay open.
The whole class finally woke up with a have a new appreciation for the geeky science guy who caused us to doze.

Nicole turned down the temperature, since moderate temps caused the stomata to open wide!!

let me in!
DJ gave them potassium because that, too,
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