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Event Management

My Assignment for Tourism Stage 2

claire whittenbury

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Event Management

SACE Number: 202 903 R
Tourism: stage 2 SACE

Event Management and the Tourism Industry
Essential Requirements
- Be able to multi-task.
- Be prepared for everything.
- "Always stick to your plan" - Jodi Pfitzner.
- Expect things to go wrong.
- Be flexible with your actions.
- Know how to work with different people from different cultures.
- When something goes wrong remain calm and fix it quickly in a professional way.
- Be committed to your job.
- Be organised.
- Love what you're doing.
- Have more than one skill set - know about marketing, business, sales, copywriting, etc.
Job Specifications/
Process of planning an event

Event Management
Personal Attributes
An Event Manager, also known as an event planner or coordinator is someone who plans and then executes events as a career.
What is an Event Manager?
Where Studied
70.90 (2012)
University of South Australia
Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management
Advanced Diploma of Events
Diploma of Events
Certificate III in Events
Diploma of Business - Tourism and Hospitality
Education and Training in South Australia
A Typical Day for Jodi Pfitzner
They organise events of all sizes, from a conference to the Fringe Festival.

The Event Management industry is a very competitive area.
Tourism (Festival and Event Design and Management)
Flinder's University
Post Graduate
- Jodi Pfitzner
- Event Director,
Event Managers
Cathy studied 3 courses: Diploma of Business - Tourism and Hospitality at TAFE SA; Bachelor of Management - Tourism and Hospitality at University of South Australia (although this is no longer a course); and the post-graduate course of Tourism (Festival and Event Design and Management) at Flinder's University.

Jodi studied one course: Bachelor of Business - majoring in Marketing at University of South Australia. There were no courses specified to event planning when she studied this

Having a qualification is not essential, it simply makes it easier to get a job. Jodi and Cathy stated its highly preferable.

Both of the interviewees mentioned that it is preferable to have more than one skill set, such as business management, as this makes you more employable.

You need to be as employable as possible as the Event management industry is highly competitive.
- Cathy Ross
Organise the event, conference, meeting, exhibition, etc.
They might need to organise catering or accommodation for the event's visitors.
They might need to organise transport for visitors to and from the event, etc.
The event might be an attraction. E.g. the Fringe Festival or Clipsal.

University of South Australia: http://programs.unisa.edu.au/public/pcms/Program.aspx?pageid=55&sid=510\
Flinder's University: http://www.flinders.edu.au/courses/postgrad/tr-fesevent/
Information about qualifications:
- Excellent organisational skills.
- Excellent time management.
- Be self-motivated and take initiative.
- Be professional and well presented.
- Put your client first.
- Be good at solving problems - in a professional manner.
- Be creative - make your event stand out and be different from others = people like something original.
- Be a good at working with a team
- Look for new ideas and opportunities for your event, your company and yourself.
Example from Jodi.
She organised the Mutual Community Challenge Tour for 3 years in a row.
She organised refreshment stands providing water, etc along the way for the riders.
She organised shuttle buses from the finish line back to the start so that people could get back to their cars easily.
People would come from all over the country to ride in it as it is part of the Tour Down Under, a major attraction in South Australia.
- Find clients
- Discuss the event with the client
- Organise/ Plan the event
- Organise the elements of the event: volunteers; infrastructure - marquees, food vans; etc.
-Execute the event: set everything up and make sure it all runs smoothly on the day. If it doesn't then fix it quickly and professionally.
- Meetings:
- Communicating with clients constantly about the progress of the organisation of the event.
- Planning.
- Making sure everyone on your team is up-to-date with everything that they need to be. You cannot fall behind as the event will go ahead no matter what.
- Closer to the Event:
- Finalising everything with the client.
- Going to the event site to ensure everything is being set up properly.
-On the Day:
- Making sure everything goes smoothly.
- Fixing it when it doesn't.
Career Pathways
Cathy stated they may begin as a crew member and then become the Event manager. Jodi said she went from being Event Manager for various events and now she owns and runs Event Managers Australia.
Own your
Weekly Earnings (before tax)
Employment Level (thousands)
Recent Job Growth (per cent)
Statistics for
Event Manager
From joboutlook.gov.au
Working Conditions
Jodi stated that they have "excellent working conditions due to the strict Occupational Health and Safety laws."

She also said that often when they start working at an event site there is absolutely nothing there. Therefore they have to set everything up and ensure everything is in pristine conditions. It also has to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety laws.

If they didn't ensure this and something went wrong they would be in great trouble and most likely be sued for a large sum of money.
Cultural Awareness
Do you need to be culturally aware?
Yes, Jodi said that "it is an essential requirement that you are culturally aware, in any job you work. You must always be respectful to your clients and colleagues."
Jodi's Example:
Jodi stated that one of her clients is a Chinese man. In their culture women are not generally the owner of a company like Jodi. she has to be "less aggressive and quieter than usual" to respect his culture. She also has to be aware of not having physical contact. If she disrespects his culture she will most likely lose him as a client. Therefore it is essential to be aware of different cultures.
Some advantages of the career are:
- It is a highly rewarding career. Once an event is completed successfully, it gives the manager a great feeling of achievement.
- "I love the industry" - Jodi Pfitzner.
_ Seeing everyone have a great time at the event organised.
- It is a creative, energetic and different industry - there is always something interesting happening.
- Managers have a lot of independence, as long as the client's brief is full-filled.
Some disadvantages of the career are:
Top Five:
Be organised
Time Management
Be Professional
Be Creative
Be a good problem solver
These graphs show that the number of event managers are increasing, however the demand for them is also increasing. Therefore, it would be a good career to begin in, as in the last two years the amount of event managers has increased by 21.6%. This also means that it is a very competitive area. The salary for "All Earnings" are the exact same as all other occupations, as shown on the graph.
- "Not much money in it" - Cathy Ross. Always ensure that the job is worth the money because even though it is an enjoyable career, the salary is not that great.
- In this industry hours are long with a lot of meetings.
- There is a lot of pressure.
- "It is very consuming and stressful" - Jodi Pfitzner. As the day of the event approaches stress builds but "always remember to remain calm".
- A trained event manager who has previously organised the Police and Fire Games, however her main career is a Police Officer. Organises the Make A Wish Ball yearly.
Image on first slide:
"If you like planning and can handle stress it is a great fun career."
Cathy also recommended that students do the course at Flinder's University as she has done three courses and found this the best.
From Jodi:
From Cathy:
Jodi recommends that students do as much practical work experience as possible before starting to study. This helps "make sure that you love it" and also assists in knowing that students can stand the pressure and stress of the job. It is a highly stressful and consuming job as it get closer to the event.
Jodi Pfitzner Source Analysis:


Level of Detail:


I would say that Jodi Pfitzner is very reliable and non-biased as although she clearly encourages people to become an event manager she was very honest in her information which she gave me, she gave me as many advantages as disadvantages.
It was very accurate as it was a primary source so some of it was opinion, but that was what I wanted in parts so there is no right and wrong answer for those questions. This was evident as many answers given were similar to Cathy Ross' answers.
Due to the fact that I was able to Interview Jodi over the phone she was able to go into great detail, and if I needed she could answer different things with more detail if I asked.
The answers she gave were very relevant as it was an interview so I could ask her the questions I particularly wanted answers to, meaning everything would be relevant.
Cathy Ross


Level of Detail:


Jodi was a very valid source as she gave me current information about her career, although the only thing she could not assist me with was the qualification section as when she studied there was no course specifically for event management. She is the owner and manager of Event Managers Australia so is a highly valid and reliable source.
Cathy was also a very reliable and non-biased source as although she would also encourage people to become an event manager she also gave me honest answer giving me disadvantages such as the salary and stress it can cause.
As she is reliable her information is accurate, and this was evident as many of her answers were similar if not the same as Jodi Pfitzner's answers. Also as previously stated many questions were opinion ones so there is no right or wrong answer.
I interviewed Cathy over email and although I thought that this would restrict the amount of detail she would give me she went into great detail which was extremely helpful for me. Also I was given her number in case I had any further questions for her about it, but there was no need.
The answers she gave me were very relevant as I asked her very direct questions so she could only give me relevant answers and not irrelevant ones.
Her answers were very valid as although she works as a police officer also she organises events for them, such as police and fire games. She also organises the Make A Wish Ball yearly and has done three courses for it so has a great knowledge of the career, even if it is not her main one.
Information about qualifications:
The websites were extremely valid and reliable as they were directly from the university's or TAFE's websites. They are constantly updated so that there is always current information for people needing information about their courses. There is plenty of detail, although for this section not much was needed. They were biased as they wanted you to partake in their course but the information was accurate which was needed; the source was biased but this did not affect the information needed.
Statistical Graphs:
Graphs of statistics:
The website joboutlook.gov.au is a very reliable source as it is a government website. This means it will have up-to-date information and accurate statistics. There is a fair amount of detail with a small explanation of what they are about, so it is a very good and helpful source. It is not biased at all as it simply gives the statistics and is not trying to convince you to partake in any course or choose event management as a career.
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