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Project Management

No description

Rebecca Haig

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Project Management

Project Description and Justification
WHO? Young professionals with 2 small children.

WHAT? Stylish 4,000 sq ft three-storey house. 6 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, large kitchen/diner, 3 reception rooms. Landscaped garden and double garage. Budget: £635k.

WHEN? 18 months with a start date of 1st April 2013.

WHERE? Woldingham, Surrey – 0.75 acre plot, close to London.

WHY? Insufficient funds to match style of house they desire in that area so building instead. Milestones Constructing a House Project Management Deliverables Scope N1503 13660, 14532, 13731, 11050, 93701 ? Objectives, key requirements and stakeholders Risk SMART Objectives/Outcomes: Fulfill all of clients specification Fulfill all overdue payments with linked stakeholders. Comply with all building regulations, health and safety requirements, certificates and permissions. Deliver a 6 bedroom house within 18 months on a budget of £635k which will suit a family with 2 children on a plot of land in the Woldingham area. As a Project Management team we will...... Take architectural design through to a completed home for our client Make recommendations and implement the project with resources which comply with our objectives Provide continuous time management of the project Keep the project on budget As a team, we will not..... Make final decisions on the resources used Contractor responsible for sub- contracted work Create a feasibility study for the architectural design P.E.S.T.L.E Economical Social -Stringent legislation regarding sustainable and ‘eco-friendly’ development -Increases in energy costs -Property taxes
- Changes in mortgage financing industry -Rate of capital invested in housing construction -Demand for housing at various price brackets (effect of Stamp Duty) -Income situation of the households -Consumer tastes/ trends change over time e.g. favour open-plan living
- Employment Rate Legal -Law and housing acts -Legislative availability and support of housing construction -Building regulations Environmental -Land infrastructure
-Waste Disposal -Intervener groups protest against planning permission 06/01/14 2
Pre Slab Pour Inspection Foundations 3
Shell 12/02/14 4
Roof Structure 5
Framing 21/04/14 26/05/14 25/04/14 8
Framing Inspection
1st Fix Plumbing and Electrics 9
2nd Fix
Plumbing and Electrics 01/05/14 10
Interior Painting 17/06/14 12
Final Walk-Through Inspection
Snagging 06/05/14 11
Landscaping 24/06/2014 14/03/14 27/03/14 01/04/14 6
Windows and Exterior Doors 7
Exterior Painting 14
Move In Finish Ethics Misleading Clients Concealing construction errors Conflicts of Interest Political -Housing policy of the State -Grant and subsidy policy Keep Satisfied - Government Officials
- Regulators
- Inspectors Monitor - Local Community
- Trade Unions
- Pressure Groups Encourage and Influence - Project Manager
- Engineer
- Architect
- Contractors Keep Informed - Suppliers
- Clients Stakeholder Power/ Interest Matrix High Low High Interest Power Cost/ Budgeting 1
Start Analogous Estimating Previous Project Your Project Land costs= £800k
(7 acre plot in Arundel, West Sussex)
Build costs= £620k
(9000 sq ft @ approx £70 per sq ft)
Fees, contingency's etc= £50k
Resale Value= £1.8m
Profit= £330k Land costs= £450k
(0.75 acre plot in Woldingham, Surrey)
Build costs= £560k
(4000 sq ft @ £140 sq ft)
Fees, contingency's etc= £75k
Resale Value= £1.6m
Profit expected= £515k Brickwork to roof level 20% Roof tiling, windows, doors 20% Plastering 2nd fix, plumbing 2nd fix, carpentry 2nd fix 30% Completion including landscaping 20% Up to ground floor level 10% Financing Minimum Capital Required 30 % Land Cost= 135k
50 % Build Cost= 280k
Total= 415k

Financed by sale of previous home (525k)

Borrow remaining:
70 % Land Cost= 315k
50% Build cost= 280k
Total= 595k Organisation & Resourcing Land Finance Labour Legal costs, cost of finance, land purchase costs and building costs. Zoned residential
No restrictive covenants
Accessible for HGV’s Subcontracted building works:
Carpenters - A 4,000 sq ft property, including six bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and landscaping.
- High-efficiency services, including air-source heating, solar water panels and solar Volatic electric panels.
- All essential documentation for coordination of the project.
- On completion, handover document signed by building inspector. References Burnell, E. (2013) Conversation with Bil Langridge, 7 March.
Pinto, J. (2013) Project management: achieving competitive advantage. 3rd edn. Boston : Pearson
Langridge, B. (2013) Email to Emily Burnell, 9 March.
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Charles Higgins. 2013. What Are the Different Resources Needed to Build a House?. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.ehow.com/facts_5554847_different-resources-needed-build-house.html. [Accessed 01 March 13].Charles Vee and Martin Skitmore. 2002. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS IN THE CONSTRUCTION. [ONLINE] Available at: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/4119/1/4119.pdf. [Accessed 03 March 13].GOV.UK. 2013. Planning permission and building regulations. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.gov.uk/browse/housing/planning-permission.co.uk. [Accessed 01 March 13].GreenBuildingsolutions.co.uk. 2013. Environmental Issues in Construction. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.greenbuildingsolutions.org/Main-Menu/What-is-Green-Construction/Environmental-Issues-in-Construction. [Accessed 07 March 13].Marketing Minefield. 2013. PESTLE Analysis. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.marketingminefield.co.uk/pestle-analysis/. [Accessed 04 February 13].Pempus, E.P, 2012. Environmental ethics for the construction industry, 10/6, 1.PIMs.co.uk. 2012. 2004 Housing Act. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.pims.co.uk/Landlords_2004_Housing_Act. [Accessed 11 March 13]. House
1.0 Preparation of Construction
1.1 Core house assembly
1.2 Pre-construction period (plans, permissions)
1.1.1 Site Preparation Lot (site access/utilities)
1.1.2 Lay foundations Tile Roof
Brickwork Windows
Roof Structure 1.2.1
Frames First Fix (plumbing and electrics)
External Painting
Plastering Interior Painting
Flooring 1.3.1
Second Fix Finishing
1.3 Work breakdown structure Daniel Keeler, Rebecca Haig, Michael Brozio, Freddie Gray, Emily Burnell
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