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Travel Guide - Malls of Karachi

Project of Connecting Classroom---British Council

Arfa Malik

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Travel Guide - Malls of Karachi

Introduction Comparision of two constructions My name is Arfa Malik and my partners name is Ahsan Sohail and we are in level 5. Our project is to compare todays malls from Mughal buildings. Modern Malls Pictures Park Towers Mall:

Park Towers is the most popular of all shopping malls in Karachi. Located at Clifton, it has more than 1500 shops. The mall is pretty lavishing and also has mini restaurants and car showrooms. There is a giant McDonald branch and a KFC branch as well inside the mall so you don’t need to worry about dinning after you shop.

Dolmen Mall:

Located at Tariq Road, the busiest shopping street of the city, Dolmen mall offers more than 500 shops of branded and unbranded stuff. Some of the major brand outlets like Levi’s, Stonage and Dockers can be found here. Compared to Park Towers, Dolmen Mall attracts more shoppers because of its central location in the country. It also has two restaurants in it and a number of book stores such as Liberty and Paramount books. For serious shoppers, Dolmen Mall is the best mall to be at. Contruction of Modern Malls Humayun'sTomb Mughal building 1- Humayun's Tomb has domes whereas the modern malls have heli pads instead of domes.
2- Humayun's Tomb has buland darwazas whereas the modern malls have sliding doors.
3- The Humayun's tomb has minarets whereas the modern malls don't have minarets.
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