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My name is Bob

No description

Blaine Walters

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My name is Bob

ARGENTINA Arts an Culture Historic Sights Outdoor Recreation Accommodations
Argentina has
lots of expensive resorts
such as the the one in the
mendose regeion.There
are also villa's which
are like condos. fOOD
tHER ARE PIZZERIAS, ICE CREAM PARLORS, AND BEef pizzeria is pizza THis ia asado,it is made out of beef and all sorts of other meats. This is the resort in the mendose regeion.
It costs 3,000 dollars per person for 2 weeks. This is a villa, it's
just like a condo. This is inside a villa. Alfajores are two buttery cookeis with
caramel in the middle. There are lots of
historic sights in
Argentina such as
the Floralis Genrica,
Buenos Aires,which
is home to lots of
historic buildings and
This is the Floralis Generica. This is a picture of
Buenos Aires. This is the Casa Rosada
in Buenos Aires. In Argentina, soccer is big.
People do other things like
golf, kayaking, hiking, and
track. I would say soccer
is the biggest though. A picture of soccer players. Argentina soccer player. A family kayaking. The tango is an
art in Argentina.
They speek Spanish
and also listen to
folk music. Two people doing
the tango. This picture
explanes its self More of the tango.
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