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CFOR 101 (Fa '17) T17 - Kindle the Fire in Corporate Worship

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Hartmut Scherer

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of CFOR 101 (Fa '17) T17 - Kindle the Fire in Corporate Worship

- what grace are we receiving
- how are we strengthened
- be self-consciously preoccupied
Part 3 Belong to His Body (fellowship)
Kindle the Fire in Corporate Worship (ch. 14)
5 Benefits of Corporate Worship
"While the corporate worship of Jesus by the church universal is an essential element in our great destiny, it is the corporate worship of Jesus by the church local that is a vital means of God’s grace in getting us there." (David Mathis)
Why is corporate face-to-face worship the single most important means of grace?
- combines God's word, prayer and fellowship
What is missing in virtual corporate worship compared with the gathering of local congregations?
Corporate Worship - a Means of Grace?
Explain the problem of saying that corporate worship is a means of grace while also saying worship is not a means to anything.
corporate worship
gathered assembly
of worship)
Getting Ready for corporate worship
What is it that you can do in the morning before the corporate worship to be ready for this means of grace?
Imagine a friend has expressed to you his disillusionment with corporate worship. He was beginning to think he didn't really need to be "in church" each weekend. He argued that it would be more beneficial just to listen to sermons online and have friendships with fellow Christians throughout the week. How do you explain to him the importance and the benefits of corporate worship in the Christian life?
1. Awakening (Ps. 73)
2. Assurance (2. Tim. 1:12)
3. Advance
"Corporate worship does not merely inform our Christian walk, but heals us or transforms us in that moment." (Tim Keller)
4. Accepting Another’s Leading
- reminds us that our faith is fundamentally receptive
- coming into the presence of God led the Psalmist to praise
5. Accentuated Joy
- we are not alone in having our souls satisfied in him
joy in God
of worship)
How can we experience this grace from God in corporate worship?
our focus together is the crucified and risen Christ
focus on the excellencies of his person and work
- the secret of worship is the joy of self-forgetfulness
- seek to forget yourself, seek Jesus together
Worship and Shepherd
Watch the video "Shepherd the Flock of God" (1 Peter 5:1-5)
1. Shepherd with other shepherds
Lead with a plurality of other leaders. Don't be isolated in your ministry.
2. Savor what you're singing (or preaching)
Make sure you're buying what you're selling. If you are not enjoying the grace of the Lord, you cannot proclaim it persuasively.
3. Supply soul-nourishing truth to people
You feed them with God's Word. It is good for sheep to feel love, but your primary role as shepherd is to feed them.
4. See the flock of God from God's perspective
The church doesn't belong to you, it belongs to God. God grows us, changes us as we interact with the church.
5. Smell like the sheep
There can be a significant disconnect between shepherds and their people. Spend time with your people, know them.
6. Stay alert
A good shepherd is alert to the dangers of the flock. Beware of shady teaching, shoddy theology, and wolves.
7. Stay away from sinful motives and actions
Leadership is not lordship. Leadership is following Jesus and telling others to follow your example as you follow him.
8. Stand in awe of the Good Shepherd
Don't serve for an earthly reward. Serve in light of the fact that you'll see the Chief Shepherd one day.
9. Seek grace through humility
Shepherds should be humble people. Through humility we appropriate the grace of God necessary for shepherding.
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