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Adverbs of Degree, Affirmation, and Negation

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oya kuzuoglu

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Adverbs of Degree, Affirmation, and Negation

Adverbs of Degree, Place, Time, Manner, Affirmation, and Negation
Adverb of Time, place and manner
Adverb of time answers the question when or how often.
Examples of adverb of time: Early, again, first and once.
Adverb of place answers the question where.
Examples of adverb of place: There, away, outside and here.
Adverb of manner answers the question how or in what manner.
Examples of adverb of manner: bravely, carefully, nicely and quickly.
Exercise 3
Adverb of Degree
Answers the question how much or how little.
Describes a verb, and adjective or another adverb.
Eg. Very, imposingly, extremely, quite, totally, rather.
Second Question Ding Ding!!
What is an adverb of Affirmation (1p)
Third question Ding Ding Ding!!!
What is an adverb or time, place and manner (3p) if you only know one (1p)
Give us 2 examples of adverb of time(2p)
Give us 2 examples of adverb of place(2p)
Give us 2 examples or adverb of manner(2p)
Now get ready for the quiz (remember the winner gets a prize)
Adverb of Affirmation and Negation
Adverb or Affirmation or Negation tells weather a statement is true or false
Examples of Affirmation: Yes, undoubtedly and indeed.
Examples of Negation: No, not and never
First Question Ding!
By: Can, Irmak, Oya and Tin
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
What is an Adverb of Degree?(2p)
Give us 3 examples(3p)
Give us 3 examples (3p)
What is an adverb of Negation (1p)
Give us 3 examples (3p)
I wonder who is going to win?
Now count up your scores !!!
Congratulations .........
You have won a .........
Now you are experts on adverbs
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