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Mrs. Crabtree's English Language Arts

Classroom procedures and expectations

Lauren Crabtree

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Crabtree's English Language Arts

Ms. Crabtree's ELA
What to expect
We will all work hard in this class. We will spend time writing, reading, and learning while having fun doing it. This year should be an exciting and successful year for all of you. You can choose your attitude and behavior.
Procedures & Expectations
Rules and Consequences:
1. Raise your hand to be called on.
2. Be in your seat and ready for class to begin when the bell rings.
3. The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
4. Stay in your seat unless given permission to get up.
5. Respect each other.
6. Keep your hands to yourself and do not touch other students’ property.

~ We will follow the discipline policy of Will Rogers Junior High according to the student handbook. We will document discipline on a punch card. The first offense is a warning, the second will be a parent contact, and the third will be detention. Anything after that will be further detentions or a referral to the office. Parents/guardians will be notified on the second and sequential offenses by phone or email.
• 3 subject notebook (this will stay in our classroom)
Binder (to use with other classes)
• Dividers with tabs
• Pencils
• Paper
• Red pen

Book Projects
You will be required to complete four book projects throughout this school year. You will be given a handout on the expectations and requirements for completing the book talk.

Book Project due dates:

Oct. 12 Mar. 8
Dec. 7 May 16

Missed a day?
If you are absent, you are responsible to make up all work that you missed. You should check the makeup folders in the back of the room for the day you were absent. It is your responsibility to check with me for make up work when you are absent. I will not come to you with make up work. Make up work is due three days after you return to school unless you are told differently.
There are various way we can keep in touch as a class
* Not all novels are on the same reading or maturity level. Please have parents/guardians approve any books that you choose for independent novel studies. By signing the books out, you are agreeing to replace it or pay for the cost of replacing it if it is lost or damaged.
* We will go to the library to check out on Tusdays
Checking out Books
Tests. Projects, and Homework
Tests and projects will be assigned as needed. You will be responsible for writing assignments in your agenda daily, so if your parents/guardians have a question about an upcoming test or project, they may look in your agenda and know what is due. Projects and essays/reports will need to be completed fully for full credit!

Homework will be assigned as needed. You will be responsible for completing the homework assigned. Most homework assignments will be what you were not able to complete in class. You are responsible for keeping up with the homework assignments in your agenda.
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