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International SPA Classification

The development of a sustainable business model and the materialisation of a global SPA Classification Concept.

Hui Hui Yang

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of International SPA Classification

International SPA Classification
Developing the Classification
Developing the Business Model
Our Mission
Audit Form
Classification System
Business Model
The Auditor
The Operator
The SPA Goer
Cost Structure


The development of a sustainable business model and the materialization of a global SPA Classification Concept.

Our Mission


Classification System

Classification system

Business Model Canvas

A global set of standards to align the SPA industry with consumer expectations

Through the eyes of...
Cost Structure


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Audit Form

EHL students on internships
Specialized SPA student committees
Students from EHL/LHC-certified schools
External auditors
EHL alumni
EHL staff
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