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Literary devices of The Masque of the Red Death

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Andrew Mackey

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Literary devices of The Masque of the Red Death

One example of irony is how the everyone died in the “perfectly safe castle”

The irony of this is that if the prince had helped the ill and contained the red death instead of throwing a large party he would have stayed alive.


“deep seclusion of one of his crenellated abbeys. This was an extensive and magnificent structure, the creation of the prince's own eccentric yet august taste. A strong and lofty wall girdled it in. This wall had gates of iron.”

The prince did not want anyone who he did not find important in the abbeys and wanted the event to protect him and his subjects from the red death.


In The Masque of the red death by Harry Clarke, Prince Prospero was described as “happy and dauntless and sagacious.”

By writing this fact the author tells us that Prospero didn’t care about the fact that his citizens are dying off due to the red death.

Direct Characterization

By: Andrew Mackey

Literary devices
The Masque Of The Red Death

The book takes place in a country that is dying off due to the red death, a deadly plague.
The prince, instead of helping the people threw a large party for the wealthy citizens.
The party took place in the abbeys
In the end the red death swoops in the palace and kills the Prince and his guest.
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