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Angel Balibrea

on 23 September 2012

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the trainee works directly with a senior manager or with the person he or she is to replace; the latter is responsible for the trainee’s coaching. UNDERSTUDY METHOD Advantages of
Understudy Method: 2.New managers feel more confident in taking over their responsibilities because they have shadowed their predecessors and have a better knowledge of the history, current state and future direction of the company. 3.Provides excellent on-the-job training for current employees and enhances their leadership skills and productivity. Disadvantages of
Understudy Method: 1.It requires that the outgoing manager take extra time to train the incoming employee, which can take away from daily responsibilities and tasks. 2.Taking extra time may slow down productivity temporarily. 3.Expensive- the company may have to pay two higher salaries simultaneously while the new employee is getting trained. Job Rotation is a management approach where employees are shifted between two or more assignments or jobs at regular intervals of time in order to expose them to all verticals of an organization.

Advantages of Job
Rotation: 1. Provides an opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge- Due to job rotation the person is able to learn different job in the organization this broadens his knowledge
Disadvantages of Job
1. Frequent interruption:-

Job rotation results in frequent interruption of work .A person who is doing a particular job and get it comfortable suddenly finds himself shifted to another job or department .this interrupts the work in both the departments
2. Reduces uniformity in quality -
Quality of work done by a trained worker is different from that of a new worker .when a new worker I shifted or rotated in the department, he takes time to learn the new job, makes mistakes in the process and affects the quality of the job. 3. Misunderstanding with the union member - Sometimes job rotation may lead to misunderstanding with members of the union. The union might think that employees are being harassed and more work is being taken from them. In reality this is not the case.
1.Companies tend to have easier transitions during a change in management.
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