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Copy of Theory of John L. Holland

Career Counseling Learning Tool

Christian Sanders

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Theory of John L. Holland

WHAT'S YOUR HOLLAND CODE? Personal Goals Thank you for your attention! According to Holland's theory people can be belong to the following six personality types.... Six Personality Types Holland's Hexagon Realistic A person with a "realistic" personality likes to work with tools, objects, machines, or animals. "Realistic" types like jobs such as auto mechanics, aircraft controller, farmers or electricians. Described as...
Humble, serious, frank,
genuine, modest, honest,
and thrifty. Investigative A person with an "investigative" personality prefers activities that may include the biological, physical or behavioral sciences. Described as...analytical,
independent, curious,
precise, cautious, rational,
and modest. Artistic A person with an "artistic" personality likes activities where they are able to create art forms or products. Described as...
Complicated, disorganized, emotional, impractical, independent, and expressive. Social Enterprising Conventional A person with a "social" personality prefers activities that inform, train, cure or enlighten others. Described as...
Convincing, social, kind,
responsible, helpful, warm,
and friendly. The "enterprising" personality likes working, leading or influencing other people. Described as...optimistic, adventurous, energetic, impulsive, sociable,
and popular. A person with a "conventional" type likes activities that are clearly defined, ordered and organized. "Conventional" types may become bookkeepers, bankers, tax accountants, or to perform clerical duties. Described as...
Conformists, efficient, loyal,
practical, careful,
and persistent. Holland uses a hexagonal model to represent the
relationships between the six personality types. ANXIOUS TO FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR HOLLAND CODE?

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND TAKE A FREE CAREER TEST!!! http://www.personality-testing.info/tests/RIASEC.php 1. Determine Holland Codes and related characteristics.

2. Find fields of study that match or are similar to your code.

3. Research related fields.

4. Plan course work and work experience to explore identified interests. Holland's theory can help individuals who are having trouble identifying a major, future jobs, or interest areas. Now that I understand the theory and have my codes.... http://www.vista-cards.com/occupations/

Enter your codes

Explore suggested occupations

Consider tasks, technology, knowledge and
skills, related occupations, wages and
employment trends

Envision how this information fits
what you have done in high
school Key Concepts Congruence - how close is the match between an individual's personality type and their work environment

Consistency - how related are an individual's personality

Vocational Identity - clear and stable picture of goals, interests, and talents

A strong, well-defined identity? Clueless? College Majors and
-Biology Education SAE
-Botany IRS

Poor Decisions Low academic awareness - courses required for a particular program
Low career awareness - options, demands, work settings
Lack of personal awareness - interests, goals, reality?
Premature decisions - based on parent demands, prestige, $$$$
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