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Vision Therapy

No description

Allison Hoffman

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of Vision Therapy

A Childs View What is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is activities that help to develop the visual skills needed for perfect vision. Who needs Vision Therapy? Eye Turns
Lazy Eye/Amblyopia
Brain Injury
Athletes - Sports Vision How do I know if I or someone I know needs Vision Therapy? Eye turn/Lazy eye
Poor reader
Poor speller
Poor at math
Very aggitated by reading or near work
Poor at sports
Stroke/Brain Injury
Athlete who wants to be better Amblyopia is defined as a loss of vision which is not caused by disease or trauma and is not corrected fully by glasses Commonly misunderstood
Language processing problem - being able to talk and understand others
Mistaken for a visual problem Visual system is rarely not affected
Visual projection
Balance Quicken response time
Attention to peripheral vision
Depth perception
Visual processing speed
Visual accuracy What do you do in Vision Therapy? Tracking
Processing speed
Reaction speed What is perfect vision? 20/20
Don't need glasses
None of the above?? What visual skills do I need for perfect vision? Clarity (acuity)
Focusing (accommodation)
Muscle mobility and coordination (convergence and divergence)
Peripheral vision Demonstration
Prism glasses
Bean bag Sight Visual Memory Comprehension Phonics Questions or comments? How do we read? Vision Therapy: Learning to see The First Exam When should a child first see an eye doctor? 6mo-12mo
FREE! Next appointments: Before pre-school
Listen to your child's doctor Glasses, Contacts, CRT, Oh My! What is CRT? Corneal Refractive Therapy
Hard contact lenses
Only when you sleep
Slow down nearsightedness
Not just for children Who can wear CRT? How long can I wear CRT? Nearsighted to a point
Ages 8-99
No corneal disease How does CRT work? Is CRT safe? Each lens can last up to 3 years depending on the age of the patient and any prescription changes
No time restriction with good eye health Fluid transfer
Mimics LASIK
Retainer for the cornea Yes!
FDA approved
Many doctors use it Thank You!

Allison Hoffman, O.D.
Family Vision Care of Waverly
(740) 947-8191
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