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Renewable Energy Jatropha Presentation


Oliver Haas

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Renewable Energy Jatropha Presentation

Jatropha the Super Plant Jatropha: Super plant?? emissions concerns works as a solvent decrease in engine power transferring products to market toxic to humans and animals Jatropha: Super plant?? high yield grows well in degraded agricultural land high oil content drought resistant natural fence & low food competition The Good The Analysis The Process The Bad Assumptions The Sun, Earth, and photosynthetic organism (PO) are different thermodynamic systems
The Sun is a thermal reservoir with constant temperature TS = 5762 K
The Sun has constant pressure, volume, and chemical composition
The Earth is a thermal reservoir with constant temperature TE = 298.15 K
The Earth has constant pressure, volume, and chemical composition
The PO has constant pressure, volume, and temperature TPO = TE = 298.15 K
The PO does NOT have constant chemical composition
All photosynthetic reactions are isothermal
To demonstrate jatropha as a promising source of renewable energy, and to understand its origins through the perspective of biological, chemical, and thermodynamic analysis. estimated cost per barrel of fuel Source: Goldman Sachs
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