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Welcome to 6th Grade Math

No description

Vanessa Denham

on 8 August 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to 6th Grade Math

Let's begin your math journey!
Welcome to 8th Grade
1. Be in your seat everyday when the
bell rings ready to work.
HINT: Check the "DO NOW" board!
2. Treat everything and everyone in
the classroom with respect.
3. Wait until dismissed to pack up
and leave the classroom.
4. Come to class everyday prepared
with everything you need.

Interactive Notebook (Composition Book)
Scientific Calculator
SpringBoard Book
You will receive nine grades each nine weeks. The grades will be in the form of tests, projects, quizzes, homework/participation, and benchmark exams.
Grading Policy
1. Getting Your Attention
Classroom Expectations
Materials for Class
Materials to Collect
expo markers

Homework Policy
Homework will be posted on Blackboard each week as well as written on the board in class. It is YOUR responsibility to copy down your assignments. You may also sign up for Remind 101 text from me!
Homework will be given 2 to 3 nights a week
Your grade will be determined by random checks (2 points each) and HWK Quizzes (10 points each).
You will not know which assignments will be a check or a quiz!
Be sure to complete all assignments. You will be given a percentage
grade at the end of each grading period!
Each day, you will have a list of tasks to complete.
A timer will be set for a stated amount of time (depending on task to be completed).
All items on the list should be completed before time is up.
Failure to complete the list will result in an infraction.
To get your attention I will:
Raise my hand and wait for the class to become quiet then I will give instructions.
say 'If you can hear the sound of my voice, clap once'. Clap your hands then sit quietly for instruction.
2. What if I'm Absent?
Look for the folder for your color group in the
Gold Crate
to collect your missed work.
Check the missing assignments calendar for any graded work that needs to be completed.
Assignments will be on Blackboard.
It is YOUR responsibility to make up any and all missed work!
If you need to borrow supplies, check with Mrs. Denham. You will be given directions about how to get the needed materials.

3. Getting Out of Your Seat
All students should sit in their assigned seat daily.
Seats will be changed a number of times during the school year .
Before moving around the classroom(throwing away trash, sharpening pencils, etc.), please ask for permission to do so.
Please do not move around the classroom during instruction or graded assignments.
4. Turning in Assignments
All assignments will be turned into the
As you complete an assignment, you will turn it into your class tray.
Each class has an assigned color:
1st Hour -
2nd Hour -
3rd Hour -
5. Leaving the Classroom
You must ask permission to leave the classroom.
If you leave the classroom, you will need to fill out the form on the clipboard with name, date, time, and location.
You will also need to fill out the log in your binder. (YES, that it two logs!! Is it really worth leaving the class to do all that extra work?)
If it is an EMERGENCY, simply leave and we will take care of things when you return.
6. Visitors in Class
Please wait until I acknowledge the visitor.
Most times the visitor needs to speak with me.
When I am speaking with a visitor, Be quiet and respectful.
If you need help please wait until after the conversation with the visitor has ended.
7. Emergency Procedures
Stop everything.
Stand up and head for the door quickly without pushing or shoving.
Line up single file and walk to our designated spot and wait patiently and calmly until we are allowed to return to class.
Stop everything.
stand up and move towards the door quickly wihtout pushing or shoving.
Head to the designated spot outside my classroom in the hallway.
sit on the floor shoulder to shoulder with knees to chest and heads on knees (make a ball).
Wait patiently, calmly and QUIETLY in line until we are allowed to return to class.
Lock Down Drill
Stop everything.
Stand and head for the corner of the classroom away from the windows and door quickly without pushing or shoving.
Scoot close together and be SILENT!
Wait patiently and calmly until we are given further instructions.
Tornado Drill
Fire Drill
Do not speak when others are speaking
This includes the teacher(s), your classmates and the intercom!!
Follow all rules and procedures and complete all work when there is a substitute
The TEACHER dismisses you, not the bell or the noise in the hall.
I will set a timer that will go off 5 minutes before class is over. When it goes off, I will close the lesson then we will pack up!
PLEASE DO NOT PACK UP BEFORE YOU ARE TOLD. This will result in an infraction!
Be sure your area is clean and supplies are in the correct place before you leave!
Don't forget to push in your chair!
PBIS: Positive Behavior Intervention System
Galvez Middle School has adopted school wide expectations for every area of campus. These will be discussed in your Advisory class.

Universal Language
I need...
I expect...
On the third request, you will receive an infraction.
School Wide
Sit with 2 friends at lunch
Bring a small snack/drink
to one class
No Homework Pass
(1 per class per nine weeks)
Listen to music during seatwork
Monthly Incentives:
blow pops, airheads, hat day, etc.
Daily Incentives: Pirate Bucks
Quarterly Incentive:
Dance, Tech Time, sports in Gym
1st set of 3 Infractions:
Student Conference
Parental Contact
2nd set of 3 Infractions:
Parent/Teacher Conference
3rd set of 3 Infractions:
Discipline Referral
Immediate Discipline
damage school/teacher/student property
extreme disrespect
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