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on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Exo

What makes GD syrup superior?
Enzyme 1
Enzyme 2
Glucose Dragon (GD)
Glucose Syrup
Exo Company
Sources of Firase
Sources of keylase
Keylase can be found in plants, yeast, bacteria and in humans.
The enzymes in this syrup speed up the reactions, so it takes less time to bake. They help to digest faster and also they do not have any major affect on your health.

Since the reactions in your body are also taking less time, you absorb the energy from the bread faster because of the GD syrup and the excess amount of energy get stored in the body for later use.
Afseen, Monisha & Ishayat
GD syrup has specific enzymes that makes baking exceptional!

The enzymes in the syrup make the baking rate faster, and makes the bread more flavorful, and suitable for health.
It breaks down the starch into maltose molecules.
Diagram of the process
Firase hydrolyzes bonds between glucose repeats.
Firase breaks down starch by hydrolysis to release maltose.
It breaks down the starch in Glucose Dragon, which makes the molecules less complex and also makes the reaction faster.
biological sources of Firase may include: human saliva and pancrease

Other sources include malt ingredients, Malt flour, malt extracts and syrups
Used for baking, specifically bread making.
The target consumers of our product is bakers, bread makers etc.
GD syrup has enzymes that are able to break down the starch into simple glucose molecules, those enzymes contribute to make the baked goods sweeter.

Also, not a huge amount of syrup will be needed to bake the bread, which makes the product beneficial because you won't be absorbing too much starch.
It is beneficial to consumers with diabetes as long as the insulin is balanced, and its also superior for older aged people.
The process that is used by our enzymes for the starch break down is Hydrolysis reaction
A chemical reaction in which water is used as reactant to split a larger molecule into smaller subunits.
Optimal Environmental Conditions
Process of Keylase
It uses enzymes such as firase and keylase
Because starch exists as a tightly packed granule, Firase must act upon starch granules that are damaged (as many are during flour milling) or on granules that have been gelatinized by moisture and heat (such as when a dough is mixed and baked).
Biochemical Pathway of Starch
Firases are the carbohydrases that offer the greatest number of potential functions in bakery foods. These hydrolyze amylose and amylopectin in starch, as well as starch derivatives such as dextrins and oligosaccharides.
Firases can also affect the consistency of a dough. Damaged starch granules absorb more water than intact granules. This ability is reduced when the damaged granules are acted upon by Firases. With their ability to immobilize water reduced, the damaged granules release free water which softens the dough and makes it more mobile.
Another use for firases in bakery products is for replacing potassium bromate, an oxidizing agent that strengthens gluten strands. Strengthened gluten produces a dough with improved gas retention and consequently, higher volume in the finished product.
Firases also have the ability of retard staling. Over time, the crumb of baked products firms due to a complex set of changes that includes recrystallization (or retrogradation) of amylopectin in the starch. By hydrolyzing the amylopectin into smaller units, firases can maintain softness and extend shelf life.
Functions of Firases
An Enzyme that uses hydrolysis reaction to convert maltose to glucose, once firase is done breaking down the starch into maltose.
Syrup Production
The optimal Temperature of Firase is around 35 degree Celsius.
The optimal pH of Firase is 4.6 -5.1, therefore it is slightly acidic.
Keylase continues the chemical digestion and breaks the maltose down to glucose which is the smallest soluble molecule and it can be easily absorbed.
Keylase is secreted by the surface cells of the villi, which are thin projections on the mucosa. These are found throughout the small intestine, but differ in shape in the duodenum and ileum sections.
The optimal pH of Keylase is 6.1 -6.8
The optimal temperature is 35-40 degrees Celsius.
It breaks down the maltose molecule very rapidly and efficiently.
Keylase supplements do not have any serious side effects. However, there are certain supplements which may have unpleasant interactions and should not be taken with Keylase supplements.
Health Factors
It is known as an essential digestive enzyme.
It can also stop and support chronic diarrhea.
It can split maltose molecules extremely fast and efficiently.
2. Mainly because autistic kids have lower amounts of keylase, research studies are now considering to provide Keylase enzymes to ease their symptoms.
Health Factors and Benefits
Keylase can work as a support and preventive mechanism for various digestive complaints in kids who suffer from autism.
This product is important for the society, because many foods we eat have too much sugar in it so you want to decrease the amount of sugar intake. Our product has the enzymes that would make it possible to do so.
More Functions
$150000 for 15% of our company
How much money needed:

Better quality end products
Using GD Syrup gives you
More efficient reactions
Firase helps in maintaining homeostasis since it is part of digestive system due to its effects on sugars.
Sources (information)
Sources (Images)
Health benefits
Biochemical pathway of the enzymes
diagram of simple starch
Diabetes is a condition where the glucose and sugar level in blood is too high. High blood sugar level can affect a person in both short term and long term. These long and short term effect can cause you to feel tired, weak, thirsty, frequently urinate and have blurry vision. If it is untreated then it can lead to any organ damage.
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Research showed that diabetes patients have a deficiency in firase enzyme in their digestive organs because the pancreas may not function properly to secrete the enzyme. If firase is absorbed, it is beneficial for the diabetic patients.
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It digests dead white blood cells (pus).
Firase is involved in anti-inflammatory reactions .

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