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NDCS Roadshow: Be Share Aware!

No description

NDCS Roadshow

on 9 November 2018

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Transcript of NDCS Roadshow: Be Share Aware!

Social Media
Photos: Tips...
Benefits & Dangers
Status Update
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Going to learn more about Online Safety #Boring

- Learn about social medias: Privacy & Dangers
- Think about sharing personal details
- What to do in difficult situations

#Shareaware # Keepingsafe #OnlineSafety #NDCSRoadshow
There are 6 popular social media cards for you:

Which social media do you use and which is your favourite?

1 = Favourite
2 = 2nd favourite
Shared a Link
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What dangers?
Who are you?
Shared a Photo
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NDCS Roadshow:
Be Share Aware!

Have you sent a photo or private detail to someone you don't know well?

Does anyone have any social media?
Let's think about a Facebook profile - Let's create one!
How much information will I find?
If your Facebook is not private, the whole world can see what you say, do or where you are!
Think before you act!
- Is there anything private in the photo? (Yourself, personal letters, bank details?)
Credit: NSPCC
"I saw your willy"
How did the boy feel?
How would you stop this?
All it takes is ONE share to spread
In 2 groups:

1st group:
Make a mind-map of all the good things about Social Media

2nd group:
Make a mind-map of all the possible dangers of Social Media
Good things?
Bad things?
Engage with people
Set up events & invites
Fun when you are bored
Get help & advice
Stay updated with your friends' lives
Learn about information
To support communities
Everyone is equal
Everyone can see personal information
Risk of hacking
Don't know who the other person really are
Becomes addicted
Lack of exercise
Fake behaviour
Sometimes things can be misleading
If you share someone's else photo, you are making it worse!
What is the minimum age to have social media?
10 seconds only?
It stays on your phone and the internet forever
Bank card
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