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Our planet Martian By Paris Best And zoe Frost

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Our planet Martian By Paris Best And zoe Frost

Size and distance from the sun?
The distance from the sun is 1.003 Astronomical units away from the sun. Its the same size as earth but 200.00 meler meters taller because of how Martian was made and its position is in between mars and Earth.
Is there any gravity?
There is lots of gravity like Earth on Martian, sometimes the gravity drops down a bit , but there i s still.
What is the planet made of? geography
Could there be water on the planet.?
Where is the planet positioned in Our Solar System and Why is this important?
The Planet Martian is positioned in our Solar System between the planet Mars and Earth. This planet is close enough to the sun to have the right amount of heat and not far enough to be too cold.
The temperatures on Planet Martian is ranged between -10 degrees celsius to 40 degrees celsius..
The temperatures For Martian only take 21 hours which is a short amount of time to spin on its axis, it takes 233 days for it t spin around the sun.
Martian is lucky to have four moons called Adamin, Coreson,Orecrim and Fortune.
Does the planet have oxygen.?
Martian only has a small amount of oxygen and has a tiny amount of poisonous gases. Its no breathable for humans, and is toxic for our bodies to breathe.
Our planet Martian By Paris Best And Zoe Frost !
Martian is made of really hard rock, hard dirt and lots of water.
Is there any life on the planet?
Martian is 100% water and 50% land where you can land your spaceship on if you want to visit.
On Martian life is difficult and only has one life form.
Martians Moons
Martians moons have
more land surface then
the planet (Martian)
Sadly fortune has no water
on the top surface but under the
dry surface there is oceans of
Important information about Martian
-Water type planet
- one life form (the water bug)
-Made 80000 Years ago
-Has four moons Fortune, Orecrim, Adamin and coreson
- Four moons Are water type moons
The water Bug
This is Martian
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