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Macromolecule Concept Map

Concept map for Mr. Rapin's AP Biology class

Maile Young

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Macromolecule Concept Map

Macromolecule Concept Map Polymer Monomer is made of makes up Dehydration Reaction Condensation Reaction Hydrolysis Polypeptides Amino Acids Proteins Peptide Bond Primary Structure Secondary Structure Tertiary Structure Quaternary Structure Alpha Helix Beta Pleated Sheet Disulfide Bridges Denaturation Chaperonins X-ray Crystallography Polysaccharides Monosaccaride Disaccharide Glycosidic Linkage Starch Glycogen Cellulose Chitin Polynucleotides Nucleotide Nucleic Acids DNA RNA Ribose Deoxyribose Purines Pyrimidines Double Helix Gene Carbohydrate Fats Lipids Fatty Acid Triacylglycerol Saturated Fatty Acid Unsaturated Fatty Acid Hydrophobic Interaction Phospholipid Steroids Cholesterol Macromolecule are made of are a type of formed through 3 make a 2 make a also called a characterized by are a type of are a type of one common
in animals saturated with hydrogen not saturated with hydrogen without a
double bond formed through a type of connected through opposite of isolates are made up of made of many sugars composed of which are a 2 make a joined by a conjoins 2 a type of (plant) a type of (plant) a type of (animal) a type of (arthropod) used for
storage used for
structure a type of both in plants made of many nucleotides made of composed of type of polymers
which make up one of the 2
types of one of the 2
types of contains contains add an oxygen
molecule to get structure of a nitrogenous base in a nitrogenous base in smaller than made of many amino
acids chains of covalently bonded
through made of 20 different form unique sequence
makes up repeated/folded makes up type of coil fold type of sheet fold folded by folded by superimposed patterns
makes up multiple make up examined
through overall structure
of unravels through reinforced through links different type of
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