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All about me

No description

Thomas Lum

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of All about me

Favorite subject in school: Government and science
favorite song: Cuban Doll~ Don't like me

Most people do not know that I hunt
All about me: Emia Gatewood

Name: Emia Lynn Gatewood
Favorite color: Red
Dream job: Olympics or Trauma surgeon
in the Military
Sports: Cheer and Track
Hobbies: Running and hanging out with friends
favorite book:Among the hidden
other languages? nope
favorite movie? Boyz in the hood
favorite tv show? Vampire diaries
Favorite holiday:Christmas
Favorite animal: Dogs
If I could live anywhere id live in the Bahamas
Most listened to song: Here 4 ya
Quote or phares i live by ...Take a Loss as a lesson
Person I admire is Allyson Felix because I want to be just like her in the olympics.

One thing in my closet I can't live without is my clothes
Favorite website: True Religon
I do not have a Youtube account
Three things I want to do before I die
Go to an island
Ride on submarine
One food I cant live without is crispy chicken rigatoni from olive garden
Favorite place to eat is olive Garden and I order crispy chicken rigatoni
I have never been out the of the country.
I have 6 siblings
Richell (28)
Hunter (22)
Emma/Twin (15)
Iphone : 6
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