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When Bureaucrats met Twitter

The experience of government communicators in implementing social media tools like Twitter, YouTube and others.

Colin McKay

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of When Bureaucrats met Twitter

Traditional Impression
of a Bureaucrat When Bureaucats met Twitter Colin McKay @privacyprivee The Experience of Office of the privacy Commissioner of Canada soul-less
process driven
limited range of responses Our Online Activites @privacyprivee
dpi.priv.gc.ca Half hearted projects flickr
del.icio.us Privacy Community Already Online @EPICprivacy
... many others Tony Cragg, Subcommittee Making privacy relevant ... and interesting working with the community, using their language
links to interesting stories
engaging with other users
injecting a sense of humour Miss Molly McCloskey, Romper Room, 1984 What about privacy concerns? clear privacy policies for users
evaluate tools to ensure privacy protection
constantly manage how organization uses information generated by social media (don't repurpose, redirect, divert into marketing efforts)

Information generated by social media? analytics packages
in-house issues management
contact lists Recasting the voice of a privacy regulator just like your parents, there's a time to be:
uncomfortably friendly
Do Canadians want this? 80% already use web 2.0
87% want GofC to invest in these tools
56% want the gov't to post content on non gov't sites
75% believe content would be reliable

Forrester, 12/09 Managing internal conflict clearly understood roles
ability to make independent decisions on content and tactics
influence to push against bad ideas
continuing dialog between social media team and senior management
is it community or marketing? Resolving issues quickly Twitter can create urgent problems ... but can also be used to resolve those problems The Keys? Preparation
Knowing the online environment
knowing your real life community
building internal awareness of the tool an example ... served an analytics
cookie ... and we heard about it Response? are you mining data?
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