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Digital Laser Converting for Packaging

Using digital technology to create easy-open, breathable, and microwavable features in flexible packaging.

LasX Industries

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Laser Converting for Packaging

Digital Laser Converting easy-open • breathable • microwavable LasX manufactures high quality LaserSharp® converting systems which accurately

flexible films at high production speeds. LaserSharp® digital technology offers advantages over conventional tooling: Non-contact, high speed processing
No consumables or tool wear
Instant changeover
No downtime or setup
Vaporizes select layers
Does not affect barrier layer
Controlled depths
Straight & contour lines
Consistent tear

Applications: Easy-open pouches, pour spouts, stick packs, and microwaveable packaging
Uniform, round holes
Heat seals edges, strengthening material around the hole
Consistent size and location
Partial perforation for hermetic seal

Applications: modified atmosphere packaging, microwavable features, venting, and rapid-fill Laser vs. Mechanical Laser scored, perforated and etched pouches
LaserSharp® LPMdm-4 Roll-Fed LaserSharp® System Contact:
Easy Open Flexible Packaging
Applications Laser Score Laser Perforate New
Peel/Reclose Package
Modified Atmosphere
Microwavable Laser Etch
Serial Numbers
Brand Name
Embedded features Integration Examples LaserSharp® LPM integrated into the Titan SR8 LaserSharp® systems can be integrated into new or existing equipment. laser cut, score, perforate & etch FlexPak Services specializes in toll laser converting services for flexible packaging applications.

Also offering: Product development
Microscopic analysis
Tensile strength testing
OTR Testing Together, LasX and FlexPak
offer the widest range of laser converting solutions for short run or high volume production of easy-open, breathable, and microwavable packaging. Integration Examples LaserSharp® PL40 integrated into Totani pouching line Hover over video to click play button. Advantages of the Peel/Reclose Process:
Inline label applicator and laser system available for in-house production
Quick pattern and shape changes, including tamper proof features
Non-contact process guarantees cleanliness
Consistent score depths resulting in reliable and convenient packages Common Applications Preserve perishable food items such as produce, cheese, and cookies.Cleansing wipes and personal care products. Suitable for a variety of common films and pressure sensitive adhesives
No need for specialty PSA "built in" films
Ideal for trays, stand up pouches, pillow pouches, and more.
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