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No description

Kilian Kunst

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of Streamstars

Peer to Peer
sponsoring business model that allows self-publishing individuals to monetize their content through sponsorings with businesses.

- Online
trust and verification system
for both publishers and companies.

- A
young and entrepreneurial, innovative and dynamic company culture that suits the needs of the fast changing digital advertising market.

((- Team is
persistent and conscious
about operating in search mode to
find a profitable, repeatable and scalable business model.))

of 25, around which the platform can be built.

- Customer development focused user acquisition model that allows generating users

- A strong entrepreneurial mind of the founder who collected valuable and inspirational startup experience in Silicon Valley.

- More convenient pricing offers for both user groups.
A web platform where users can find sponsorships for their self-published content to:

Save (Companies)
Make money (Publishers, Companies)
Support creative individuals.
Team needed:

We have
no market presence
or reputation.

Funding needed:

Shift from "cheap" ads to a more authentic and naturally embedding the content within sponsors.

Tough economic climate ensures that businesses are looking for the best deal to spend their marketing money.

A lot of options for businesses to reach different target markets and increase conversions.

Global reach on the internet.
Approach companies with a discount of 5% for their try first deals.
Target Group
1.Social media self-publishers:

Youtube channels,

2. Small- and medium sized startups and businesses that want to be different.
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