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The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

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Aynaz Dehghan

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

The Evolution of the Mobile Phone
Motorola DynaTAX (1983) was the first handheld mobile, had no screen and was only able to call. No picture messaging or even taking pictures!
This is the Nokia 1011 (1992). Not many changes, however the physical appearance has smoothed out; The antennae is also shorter.
Motorola StarTac (1997) The first flip phone, this was inspired by sci-fi fan; Star Trek.
Blackberry 6210 (2003). Company RIM has released the first Blackberry model. Many things are introduced; Calendar, music and etc.
Apple has released the first iPhone! (2007) The iPhone took the world by surprise by launching apps into the mainstreams and Apple's profits soared.
The Samsung Galaxy Line (S-S4) sprang into action by launching the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy has it all; Live wallpaper, snappy apps and the HD 13Megapixel Camera! The perfect package.
by Aynaz Dehghan

In the future... Holographic phones, imagine seeing what your friends/family are doing right then and there.
Will people even need to learn to read and write because of the extreme technology?- Or will we have robots and cyborgs to do that for us? Will kids learn the basic history of our world or continue tapping away on their smartphones?
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