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No description

Sheila Fraley

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Growth

Step 1

Years 1-2
5.1 Classroom Management, Motivation, Engagement
7.2 Assessment Data to Improve Learning
Select a third indicator that may/may not have "impact"
Years 3+
7.2 Assessment Data to Improve Learning
Select a second indicator - must have "impact"
Step 2
Teacher completes "Guidelines for Goal Setting" for both/all indicators
Step 3
Step 5
Administrator and Teacher Collaboration
Step 6
Measurable Goal
Action Steps
Professional Growth Plans
Effective Goal Writing Process
What outcome do you anticipate achieving?
Why do you want to work on this?
How is it relevant to your students and/or students' needs?
What do I want to change about my practice?
Orient on Growth
What is the current reality for teacher and students?
Where am I starting from and where do I hope to go?
Is this something I need to focus a whole growth plan towards?
Begin with the end in mind
Be Ambitious, Yet Reasonable
Is the end result realistic, but still stretch me professionally?
Am I taking on too much? Does my goal reflect an evaluative cycle's worth of learning and growth?
Use Validated Measures and Precise Language
What does attaining this goal look like to the teacher and to the student?
Is there concrete evidence?
Is student learning validated?
Is it objective or subjective?
Include EVERY Student
Is this general enough to apply/include all students?
What does this look like?
Teacher Selects Indicators
Administrator and teacher acquire a better understanding of the current reality.
Finds/narrows the focus for growth.
Begin developing a path on HOW the teacher will get to desired end result.
This tool allows teachers to break down their proposed written goal to ensure all criteria/components are included before moving forward.
This tool can be completed prior to the initial conference or in collaboration with the evaluating administrator (administrator choice.)
After completing "Guidelines for Goal Setting", the administrator and teacher meet to engage in specific dialogue.
Collaboratively, both the administrator and teacher share in a professional, nonjudgmental, interactive, and thought-provoking conversation to gain an understanding of direction, strengths, materials, resources, etc.
Develop Professional Growth Plan
Teacher should complete the first draft and meet with evaluating administrator to discuss, revise, and develop final PGP.
"Guidelines for Growth Plan Goal Setting"
Determining a Baseline Score

High School
Middle School
Goal Setting Tool for Teachers
Step 4
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