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Jacob Riis

History projecto

carolyn anderson

on 3 February 2010

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Transcript of Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis: pioneer in photography Making a change in the progressive era: was one of the first photographers to use flash powder allowing him to photograph both indoors and outdoors in the slums
shedding life on the poor and immigrant life or the "other half"
created awareness
in 1890 Riis published "How the Other Half Lives"
once the book was seen by Theodore Roosevelt and the New York Police Commissioner resulting in the closing of the city police lodging houses featured in the book
Biography at age 21 in 1870, Riis left a life of poverty in Denmark and came to the United States
worked as a New York police reporter for the New York Tribune focusing on the slums
became aware of the "slum life"
shocked by the overcrowding, airless, filthy tenements

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