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Creativity Hybrids

No description

sean mcgraw

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Creativity Hybrids

resources with a need existing products 27 million tires are scrapped in the US annually

Every 1 million tires burned produces 55,000 gallons of run off oil

Tire fires pollute the air and soil for miles

SolarTread 1.0 Solar charging cell phone covers made from recycled tires
Better Energy Systems Inc. creates phone cases and holsters known as "Tread" solar technology 5.3 hours talking for the iphone

Inexspensive to manufacture

Multiple applications

Reduces coal based energy consumption

Unlimited life

What is Legacy Pro? Full use golf balls



Technologies Used Magnetic Levitation



Price Competitive

Enviromentally Friendly

people with a need students travelers
employees executives parents Each tread™ case:
• is handcrafted and unique
• has luxury nubuck style lining
• can hang, wear, clip or carry Saol, Masai Junior Elder, IIkinye Village, Kenya. A donated Solio allows Saol to now call for help when the village has a medical emergency.
existing products Discover ECO-MOBILITY
Solio chargers belong to a new category of products designed to support a more sustainable world. underdeveloped nations The Average Joe Country Club Golfer Value Delivered & Needs Satisfied Reduced Tee Expenses
50 Pack = 17.95 pre tax
"Cool" Factor Boys & Toys

More exspensive = Better
Hit Balls Up to 15% FURTHER!!! A Battery Powered Magnetic Base Similar Exisitng Products Hovering desk fixtures "The Floater"Low Density Core 2 Hybrids Fewer Balls Lost in Water Ensolite

ultra light density
impact absorbing material Sean McGraw
Mandy Wooten
Theresa Gonzalez
Blake Bradbury Le Lev Independently powered magnetic base
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