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George Wang

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Anti-Semitism

The Roots of Anti-Semitism -Jews were God's "chosen people"
-blamed for killing Jesus Christ (viewed as "Christ killers")
-minority in foreign countries
-Can be traced back to the year 3 B.C.E in Alexandria, Egypt
-During the Crusades, crusaders plundered Jewish communities.
-believed to practice witchcraft The Cruel Treatment of the Jews -looked down upon in public

-people created "anti-Jew" places

-weren't allowed in some public areas

-blamed for causing unusual events

-could not play certain sports, attend events/ceremonies

-had harsh restrictions and a curfew in Nazi occupied places. How were Jews discriminated? It is the discrimination or hatred against Jewish people and their heritage. What is Anti-Semitism? Anti-Semitism Why were people against Jews back in ancient times? 1) To avoid being sent to concentration camps

2) To avoid discrimination and public humiliation

3) Germany was no longer a place for Jews to enjoy a normal life. Thanks for watching!
:D -Sent to concentration and labor camps.

-Hitler planned to kill all Jews in Europe (Final Solution).

-millions of Jews murdered in WW II without a second thought. So why did Anne Frank and her family leave Germany? Why were people against Jews during World War II?
-considered a group that wanted world domination

-they were a blockade for "Aryan Domination"

-Jews were "hopelessly corrupted" Nazi Anti-Semitism -the Nazis thought Jews were degenerate and unworthy Concentration camp prisoners "Jews are not welcome here" Burning Jewish synagogues. Almost 10 million Jews lived in Europe before World War 2. After the war, only about 3.5 million remained. In every 10 Jews, 3 remained after the war. Aftermath Jews forced to clean a street in Vienna By: George Wang
Tyler Rickert
Jackie Way
Emilie Yu -blamed for betraying Germany during World War 1
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