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Digital Reading: Addressing Comprehension in the Digital Age

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Elizabeth Wiggs

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Digital Reading: Addressing Comprehension in the Digital Age

Goals for Today:
1. Explain the skills students need for digital reading

Digital Reading: Addressing Comprehension in the Digital Age

Liz Wiggs


Problems with Reading (online)
No understanding of text features (headings, titles, bullet points, graphs)
No understanding of why certain things are hyperlinked
No understanding of how advertisements are placed on a website
No understanding of author credibility
No understanding of visual media selections

Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)
"Self-regulated learning (SRL) is learning that is guided by
(thinking about one's thinking),
strategic action
(planning, monitoring, and evaluating personal progress against a standard), and
to learn."
Turn & Talk
1. Introduce yourself!

2. Brainstorm: What are the criteria for being a digital native?

3. Plan who is going to share out!
Problems with Reading (in general)
No background information
Insufficient vocabulary knowledge
Limited decoding or fluency skills
Inability to use context clues
Inability to identify the central ideas

2. Identify tools that help students be better digital readers

3. Design a mini-lesson with these tools

4. Assess students' comprehension of digital texts
Our Big Questions:
How do people react when they have a screen in front of them?

How can we help them navigate that screen better?
Current Research
Prezi link: tinyurl.com/WiggsPrezi
Linoit link: tinyurl.com/ISTEWiggs
How Do We Assess Digital Reading?
What skills do digital readers need?
1. Go find ANYTHING TO READ ONLINE (Buzzfeed, the Onion, NY Times, whatever!)

2. Make a list: what do people need to be able to do in order to effectively understand the whole screen?
What is the key to motivating students to being self-regulated learners?
Plan a reading activity for your students where you help them
self-regulate their learning
in order to be better digital readers!

After time is up, post your activity (or a link to it) on our Lino page in
Strategic Action
What STRATEGIES can we give our students?
It's not about the tool...it's about asking the right question.
What was the easiest part to understand?
What was the hardest part to understand?
How did you figure out the hardest part of the reading?
What did you learn?
What do you now have questions about?
What would others have questions about?
But...we still want some cool tools.
Head to the Lino website and post your best metacognitive reflection tools in GREEN!
Effective, guided note-taking that focuses students on:
text features
central ideas
extraneous materials (hyperlinks, images, graphs)
new and key vocabulary
Other suggestions?
Head to the Lino website and post your best MOTIVATION tools in

Give them an authentic purpose for reading!
Don't reinvent the wheel!
Post ideas in
Feedback, PLEASE!
Please fill in the feedback form on the ISTE app--help me be better at my job!
But...what are some good tools for note-taking strategies?
Head to the Lino website and post your best STRATEGY tools in
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