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The Freak Shows of P.T. Barnum

No description

Annabel Hess

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of The Freak Shows of P.T. Barnum

The Freak Shows of Phineas Taylor Barnum By: Annabel Hess P.T. Barnum July 5, 1810 Bethel, CT Went to NYC at age 24
Scudder's American Museum to Barnum's American Museum dwarf standing at two feet, eleven inches tall "Barnum understood that in order to make himself wealthy and successful he needed to make sure that his entertainers were successful."- Lindsay Heffernan Basic Treatment “Could be seen six days a week, nine hours a day, all across the northeastern U.S..” –New York Times “with [his] physical disability, many people regarded him as having a mental disability as well."-Lindsay Heffernan loved to drink on sundays
created their own games with dice
told stories of the places they had been Chang and Eng: The original siamese twins Hoax Moses Kimball FeeJee Mermaid composed of a large fish’s body and tail with the head, shoulders, arms, and breasts of a female orangutan and the head of a baboon New York City has "Mermaid Fever"
-New York Times, 1842 "I don't believe in 'duping the public,'” he said, ”but I believe in first attracting & then pleasing them."- P.T. Barnum Advertisements Queen Victoria sense of the unknown Mammoth Tent Jo Jo The Dog Face Boy Circassian Beauty wild men of boreo Albino Sisters 3 legged, 4 footed, double-bodied wonder
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