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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Prezi

Jonathan Rosenberger

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Early Life Born on January 11, 1755,
in the Islands of Nevis. Went to Kings College When he was 15 he was sent to school in New York Revolutionary War Enlisted in the Artillery Became a Captain in the Artillery Introduced to George Washinton Worked on Washingtons Staff Became a lieutenant Colonel under Washington Ideas on Government Believed in strong Central Government Supported a New Constitution in 1787 Was a delgate at the Constitutional Convention Believed in a Limited Monarchy
Or the Members should
be elected for life The Federalists Paper Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers to defend the Constitution The Federalist Papers are still used by lawyers today The papers are a classical commentary on the Constitution Secretary Of State Wanted to pay the foreign and domestic debt of the United States Federal government would “assume” the debts of the states. The Republicans would not agree unless the new capital was moved to the South (banks of the Potomac River) GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: Restored the credit of the United States Established a Bank of the United States Political Party Hamilton was the leader of America’s first political party the Federalist Party The Democratic-Republican Party rose up in opposition to the Federalists Hamilton's Death Aaron Burr ran against Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800. It was a tie in the Electoral College. The president would be chosen by Congress. The president would be chosen by Congress. Hamilton was suspicious of Burr (even though Burr was a Federalist) and gave his support to Jefferson Later, Hamilton blocked Burr’s attempt to become governor of New York. Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel. Burr killed Hamilton on July 11, 1804. Alexander Hamilton
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