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Should People Stop Cutting Down Trees?

No description

Robert Bowring

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Should People Stop Cutting Down Trees?

Should People Cut Down Trees.

-Cutting down trees is for several reasons that may differ from one individual to another.
-However, the main reason for cutting down trees is for lumber.
Why We Should Not Cut Down Trees.
-Trees and plants give us our oxygen.

-Trees are very good for the environment they give nutrients to the soil and help keep our air clean.
-Trees mop up carbon dioxide that we produce too much of.
-It turns the carbon dioxide into fresh air.
-Removing carbon dioxide slows down climate change.
Should We Cut Down Trees?
My Final Decision Is...
Cutting down trees is bad for the environment and for us because we need the oxygen.
Should People Stop Cutting Down Trees?
By Robert Bowring
Trees are good for our environment. They give us oxygen and if we do not have trees then we cannot live.
Cutting down trees are good because the people that do not jobs can help cutting down the trees just for some money.
-Lumber is making wooden products like furniture, paper or wood cabins.
-Sometimes there is no choice but to cut a tree down when it has been damaged by a storm and is in danger of falling on peoples' homes.
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