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שילוב האייפד בהוראה בבית הספר הרב תחומי הולץ חיל האוויר. אבי מידן -מנהל בית הספר.

Asher Motzny

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Holtz

Marshall Ganz (Harvard U.)
building a cathedral?
what's the HOOK of your story?
Holtz Technological High School
for Aviation & Electronics

SHADOW Program
New international students are paired up with a UW volunteer for social and cultural connection
A peer mentor will help you become familiar with a new culture, and academic and social life
Meet 2 times /month, 20h for one semester – you decide together what you do
Ask questions, connect to resources, go out for food/coffee, join clubs, explore the city and campus
Apply through our website at: www.uwaterloo.ca/international-students
Up-to-Date Technologies
Starting Point
High Standard Discipline
Senior Educational Staff; The average age of teachers
ranges between: 50-55
Sefer Reshet
iPad vs. mini iPad
Technological Anxiety
Senior Teachers
Fear that the device might replace the teacher
Buying a Device
Charging the Battery
Using the Device in the Classroom
Being Initiatory
iPad or Android
Digital Book?
Leading Teachers
Visiting the UK
Professional Training
600 devices for students
50 devices for teachers

Teaching Methods
The first final exam in Israel
School Yard Learning Environments
Founded in 1954
800 students
80 teachers
20 Air force members
15 administrators
Students are coming from a wide geographical range

30 % of the teachers
are school graduates
Head Master
Vice Principale
Vice Principale
Vice Principale
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