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How does BMW use social media to scan and influence the marketing enviornment

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Felicity Lewis

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of How does BMW use social media to scan and influence the marketing enviornment

How does BMW use social media to scan and influence the marketing environment?
How does BMW use Facebook to scan and influence the marketing environment?
It entertains its fans with daily updates featuring images of its cars
BMW takes this trend to the next level by creating interactive social media content that pulls viewers in, compels them to interact and then share their experiences with their personal networks
BMW has over 200,000 followers on Twitter
BMW tweets roughly twice per day, and includes a photo, video or a link in almost every post, so for car enthusiasts, this will be an interesting source of BMW information
They receive roughly 103 retweets per tweet
BMW tracks hashtags as well as mentions in order to respond to it's customers
BMW launched a user-generated video competition on Facebook and YouTube in February 2012 called "DESIR3"
Fans were asked to create a 6 second advert to promote the launch of the new BMW 3 series
It received more than 2,000 entries, with the winner taking away a brand new BMW
This is a good example of a campaign that harnessed genuine creativity and fun for fans, in return for a great prize, and it resulted in some excellent user-generated content for BMW
Other examples of BMW's Social Media networks
BMW's Facebook page, over 14million likes with over 144,000 people talking about it
BMW owns and maintains 54 separate Facebook pages relating to its geographic regions, business segments and products
Each post averages around 60,000 likes, 2,000 shares and 600 comments... which is far more than Starbucks, Audi or even Ferrari
How does BMW engage their fans on Facebook?
BMW presents their car models in beautifully high quality visuals, adverts and videos
Their images are from exotic locations around the world, demonstrating a vibrant, active and dynamic lifestyle which clearly fans buy into
They are bonding with their captive audience - an aspiring successful, ambitious and image conscious market
BMW builds a strong community also through APPS...

BMW have released several mobile apps e.g. The Ultimate Drive App which provides users with road maps where they can mark their favourite drives, leave tips and rate roads
Communities based on brands e.g. BMW, tend to be strong and loyal
What does BMW post on Twitter?
BMW also uses twitter as a means to educate consumers about the brand by posting relevant product information
BMW try to get consumers to buy into their dream, to aspire to own a BMW
BMW monitors BUZZ from their social network sites by...
using social media to find out what people have to say about their products
Plus it enables BMW to get to problems faster than car dealers or journalists
2012 Olympics Campaign
"Spot it, Snap it, Share it"
The idea was that if someone spotted the 'GoldenBMW' and posted a picture on Twitter using the #GoldenBMW, or Facebook they would have a chance of winning 2012 Olympic tickets
What Impact did this have on BMW?
It built awareness of BMW's sponsorship of London 2012, and the campaign reached over 25 million consumers
Increased fans on the BMW Facebook page by 14%
Increased engagement on the BMW Facebook page by 80%
Drove 8,323 uses of the #GoldenBMW hashtag on Twitter
What impact did this have on BMW?
The GoldenBMW PR Campaign delivered 136 pieces of coverage out of a target of 70
Drove footfall to dealerships through the use of the GoldenBMW convoy: (over 50,000 additional consumers visited BMW Dealers)
BMW using social media to scan & influence the marketing environment...
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