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Anchored Instruction!

No description

Jesse Metro

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Anchored Instruction!

Stuff for Learning

Anchored Instruction Ya'll!
Watch a video...
Uses practical examples to
students interests in math.
The anchored instruction approach is an attempt to help students become more actively engaged in learning by situating or anchoring instruction around an interesting topic. The learning environments are designed to provoke the kinds of thoughtful engagement that helps students develop effective thinking skills and attitudes that contribute to effective problem solving and critical thinking.

Problems require an understanding of math concepts that are generally taught in the middle grades. Currently The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury series consists of 12 different videodisc-based adventures (plus video based analogs, extensions and teaching tips).
Now you understand anchored instruction right?
<----Not an example of anchored instruction
This is a pass fail lesson BTW
There will be a test
Jasper Woodbury Problem Solving Series:
A-B Partner share
2 Minutes. GO
Can you think of an example of anchored insturction?
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