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Vacation Project

This is my Vacation Project that I had to do for school in 5th grade about Edinburgh, Indiana. Enjoy!!

Lauren Shim

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Vacation Project

Vacation Project
Edinburgh, Indiana
I chose Edinburgh, Indiana.
I first chose it because I thought that it was a place that would be new to our family.
I am traveling to Edinburgh, Indiana because I have planned to go to the Timbergal Golf Course, the Johnson County Park, and the Camp Atterbury Museum.
I will go there during the summer break
July 21st~28Th
will be the dates for my trip
I will go for
1 week (6 nights and 7 days)
people would be traveling
Total budget amount-
I chose these days because it will be during the summer break and I probably will not have anything to do except for playing the violin, reading, or studying.
The weather will be fair and sunny during my visit.
I would suggest to go there in any seasons you would like and any time of day before the dark.
The three choices that I chose are: Hotels, Home rentals, or vacation homes.
I chose the hotel for my lodging.
The name of the hotel is
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites at 12225 North Executive Drive Edinburgh, Indiana 46124.
Amenities- Swimming Pool with Waterfall, open guest patio for meeting rooms, service animals are allowed., fitness center with all modern equipment, and business center with computers for guests.
Price per night- $99.41
Total cost- $104.62
I chose the hotel because it has a good price and it seems like a good hotel to stay in.
The amenities are good for my vacation.
The total cost is $104.62 with no other fees.
Lauren Shim#24
The distance is 2,095 miles
The different ways are to go by car, airplane, bus, and by train.
The mode is air transportation.
The total cost is $1,059.20
Transportation during vacation:
I will travel with the car from site to site.
Budget Sheet/Chart:
The budget amount for food is $53
I planned to go to the market-$34 and the 3 restaurants were Montana Mike’s steakhouse, Hickory Hills Barbecue, and Ruby Tuesday Restaurants.
My choice was Montana Mike's steakhouse Market Place Drive Edinburgh, IN 46124
I would order Smokin’ BBQ Baby Back Ribs for my family- $ 19
The possible activities are going to Camp Atterbury Museum, the park, and the golf course.
The museum is located 427 on Egglestone Street, Edinburgh, Indiana- $0
The Johnson County Park is at 2949 E County Road 950th North, Edinburgh, Indiana- $0
There is a camp Atterbury Museum which is set up on a historical time line which takes pre-acquisition, construction, activation, and unit training.
The Timbergate Golf Course is located 151 St Andrews Ave, Edinburgh, Indiana- $117
Also, the Johnson County Park is an annual convert by the Indiana Wind Symphony. It starts at 8P.M., followed by fireworks.
Also, the Johnson County Park is an annual convert by the Indiana Wind Symphony. It starts at 8P.M., followed by fireworks.
Lastly, The Golf Course has memberships and lessons to learn and it also has specials, events, and, outings or tournaments.
I will spend my days shopping for food, swimming, going to the museum, riding bikes in the park, and getting lessons in the golf course, and going to eat outside.

bike in the park
This is my budget sheet:
The total cost was $ 1,371.60
I am under budget by leaving $4628.40 from $6,000
I was under budget
car rental
Golf Lessons
I learned during the planning of my vacation, that it is not always easy to plan and go somewhere without thinking. I also learned that to have a nice vacation, to have interesting things there.
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