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computer press

No description

frank louis angulo montero

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of computer press

Windows 10 is all that had to be Windows 8. Microsoft took an extreme step to give priority to the touch screens on everything else in Windows 8, but with the new version of Windows the company remedied with a more flexible, capable and functional interface.
Windows 10 makes the operating system of Microsoft shine again
History and evolution of the logotype of Google
Windows 10 returns with its last update

Since Google, the search giant, was barely a University project, its identity and character has been reflected in their logos.
Let's then the evolution of the logo in these 17 years now.

Logotype in 1998

We can notice that from the first logo used the combination of the three primary colors and the Green, which is a secondary, single color that was still green in this version, the famous "G" blue.

Logotype in 1998-1999
Here we noticed the combination known to this day, that in this version of 1999 the logo looked an exclamation point at the end, very clear to the Yahoo! This logo was used from October 1998 to May 1999.

Newspaper software in English
computer press

New home of Windows 10 menu is a mixture of the menu of Windows 7 home that we both liked and the home screen which introduced Windows 8.
The interface has some changes, with a menu of more flexible home with an icon in the lower left corner to open it.

Logotype in 1999-2010
No doubt Google has more represented the company's. It is a piece made by the designer Ruth Kedar.
Logotype 2010-2013

In this design the shade in the letters that compose it eliminates, in addition to changing the saturation of the yellow one of the second one "O", that seemed purer like primary color that is.
Logotype 2013-2015
Any texture was eliminated in the letters and a design was realized flat or plane, feature that characterizes the designs in the last years.
Logotype 2015
This way, we come to the nice current design that its serifas eliminated and it is a proper source of the company. Many details were refined, as well as its colors
Why did Google decide to re-design its logotype?
"We have taken the logotype and the mark, originally created for the page of the navigator of the computer, updating them to be used in a more interconnected environment and from multiple devices", pointed out the persons in charge of Google in its corporate blog.
"We believe that we have taken the best of Google (its simplicity, cleanliness, coloring and use facility) to transform it, not only for the current Google, but also for the future Google", they indicated.
the router of Google with which the company promises a major speed and a simpler configuration. According to Forbes, the device contains 13 antennas of Wi-Fi (posicionadas in a circular design), a processor of double nucleus of 1.4 jig Hertz, a radio ZigBee and a Bluetooth system. One hopes that the OnHub should reach speeds of 1900 megabits per second.
This design was armed by Mike Schropp of Whole Geekdom. In a small box of 19,5 x 19,5 x 13,97 centimeters managed to install a hard disk of the solid state, a processor Intel i7, the whole necessary connectivity (several ports USB, jacks of earphones and microphone, video HDMI, etc …), reader of Blu-ray and other things that they need to have a powerful and functional computer. The whole plastic machine that lasted almost one year constructing with the intention of which any person could answer the design and which in turn was economic (on the outside, it of inside it will depend on the consumer).
Many thanks for your attention
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