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No description

Molly Sargent

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Propaganda

utilizes peer pressure, as in "everybody is doing it"
look for "four out of five dentists can't be wrong" or "best-selling"
repeats the message so often it is always fresh in the consumer's mind and is mistaken for truth
The authority or prestige of something is carried over to a product in order to make it more acceptable or more rejectable
America's soup?
A celebrity or other famous person endorses a product, despite not being qualified to do so
Gives the impression that the situation calls for immediate action

"Limited edition"
Free and Bargain
A product is given away or offered at such a low price that you feel like you can't pass it up
Glittering Generality
Assertions are made but not proven
Brighter than what?
A hint or innuendo, usually negative, is given about a competing product
Name Calling
A name or label is attached to a product to influence the consumer to accept it or reject it
Image is everything
Sex Sells
Use of sex appeal overwhelms all other aspects of the product
what propaganda
technique is
used here?
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