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Copy of BTEC Sport Unit 3

No description

c paton

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of BTEC Sport Unit 3

BTEC Sport Unit 3
Assessing risk in sport
Miss James

Know the key factors that influence health and safety in sport
1. Legislation and its application to the sports industry
2. Lyme Bay tragedy
3. Explanation of a range of different legal terms
Be able to carry out risk assessments
Know how to maintain the safety of participants and colleagues in a sports environment
1) Planning a safe sporting activity
2) First Aid requirements for sporting activities
3) Reviewing the plan for a safe sporting activity
4) Evaluating the strengths and areas for improvement of a safety plan
5) What sort of questions would you ask people to gain feedback about the plan
List 5 risks/hazards associated with football?
So how do we get assessed?
Assignment 1

Task 1 (

Task 2 (
Risk assessment
By the end of this unit you will;
1) What is a hazard?
2) What is a risk
3) What is a risk control
4) How are they applied to the sports industry
Be able to plan a safe sporting activity
How do we minimise or prevent risk?
What happens if we don't?
Assignment 2

Task 1 (

Research and report

Task 2 (
Safety plan

Research the Lyme Bay Disaster
1 x A4 piece of paper
What happened; Who it involved; How it changed law and legislation
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