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Urine Observation

No description

Michael Chan

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Urine Observation

What does it do?
used for healing wounds, normal homeostasis and development
Extracellular Matrix
better understanding when dealing with fibrotic diseases and cancer
a vital regular of cellular and tissue function in the body
each kidney contains one million nephron units
Each is made of thinly walled capillaries
the construction of these affect filtering
Pituitary gland excretes ADH when the body needs to conserve water
makes the nephrons permeable
pH of urine more acidic after cocacola and coffee, kidneys try to conserve water
pH of urine less acidic for Lemon tea as it does contain some water
Likewise after water, the urine was more neutral
Urine Observation
tested the pH of urine
beverages used: tap water, coca cola, lemon tea, coffee
500mL of each beverage, split into 2x 250mL
Sterile cup
combur7 test (dipstick)
• Describe homeostasis as the process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment
What is it?
ECM is the non cellular component present in all tissues and organs
provides essential physical scaffolding
responsible for crucial biochemical and biomechanical signals
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