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Unofficial prezi player for android

This prezi will be changed to only describe the UNofficial prezi player

Roel van der Plank

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Unofficial prezi player for android

UNofficial Prezi Products
This prezi describes two applications
BOTH apps are NOT officially endorsed by the prezi team
they are both "Personal hacks"
they do NOT have official support
they are BOTH described in the GetSatisfaction forum on prezi.com
the UNofficialPreziPlayer for Android
current version of android app
link to thread on prezi.com
features (gamma versions)
opens a pez file and converts it to a format playable on your Android tablet or phone
(thus: choose 'for prezi desktop' when exporting from the website)
(hence: much smaller files, as much as 100Mb smaller then the corresponding standalone zip)
latest change
moved from standalone zip files to usage of pez files
one-time instructions
1. download the app, using the link above
select the option "allow install from untrusted sourced" in your settings
2. download the issess app from Google Play
3. download adobe's flash player
please google for it, it is no longer available from Google Play
1. download a prezi pez file
2. start the UNofficialPreziPlayer
3. search for the pez file, using the "find" button (the search-icon-in-the-form-of-a-magnifying-glass)
4. click on "open all previously unzipped prezi"
5. click on ClickOnMeToClearCache, and follow instructions
6. click on start_prezi.swf
the UNofficialMindmapImporter a (free as in beer) Java app
current version of Java app
link to thread on prezi.com
convert freemind mindmap to either...
... a prezi pez file, to be opened using prezi desktop
and to be edited using prezi desktop
... a prezi standalone-zip-file, to be extracted after which it can be run on the desktop
no editing though, so you are stuck with any choices the app made about the placement of the different nodes
1. make a (freemind) mindmap
2. open the UNofficialMindmapImporterForPrezi
3. find the created mindmap file
4. choose output location and format
5. enjoy the prezi (if standalone) and/or edit&upload it to prezi.com (if choosen pez format and prezi desktop is available to you)
For questions on (freemind) mindmap importer
For questions on android player
Questions like "how do I..." please in the appropriate thread, so others may help you, or the answer may benefit others as well
optional but recommended: download openintent filemanager, as it plays together very nice with my app:
trouble shooting
you downloaded the OpenIntent filemanager, and from within my app(!) (through the 'magnifying glass button') you started the openintents filemanager. In this filemanager you navigated to the prezi pez file (below I will act as though this is called example.pez).
You clicked on example.pez, and clicked on 'pick file' (this is a button in openintents filemanager).
You got the screen from my app saying it was unzipping and that this can take some time.
You then clicked on the zebra (the other button is also possible; this will take you one directory higher, which means you will need to click on the "example" folder to get where the zebra button would have taken you directly).
After you clicked on ClickOnMeToClearCache (and after you then clicked on 'clear cache' (or similar, in Dutch it is 'cache wissen')) and went back from that screen to the original view in which you saw the 'README1st.html', the 'start_prezi.swf' and the 'ClickOnMeToClearCache.zip', you also see a data folder.

Are you with me so far? If yes, click on start_prezi.swf.
In the issess window, be sure to select 'use HTTP protocol(Video streaming)'.
Still problems? See the thread on community.prezi.com, link follows...
- The UNofficial prezi player for android is now defunct:
There is an OFFICIAL app just around the courner, and my app no longer works on new prezi's.
- For the REDESIGNED mindmap importer, please see the following prezi instead:

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