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Doping in Sports

Should doping be legalized? Pros and Cons

Jan Wenning

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Doping in Sports

Diuretics-Contra Severe side effects such as:
extreme tiredness
muscle cramps
confusion EPO-Contra EPO-Contra Increases risk of
heart attacks and strokes Diuretics-Contra Used to mask other/worse Drugs
or illegal substances Should Doping be legalized? Contra-Doping Pro-Doping PRO-EPO Enhances the production
of red blood cells PRO-EPO Increases the amount of oxygen Types of Doping EPO Amphetamines Diuretics EPO-(Erythropoietin) Diuretics Steroids Amphetamines Thickens the blood known as 1-phenylpropan-2-amine
excites dopamine and serotonin receptors
releases glutamate prohibits the re-absorption of water in the kidneys
used to rapidly lose weight
increase of urine production Hormone produced by kidney and liver
docks on to receptors of the bone marrow
enhanced production of erythrocytes
not blood transfusion, same effect Pro-Diuretics Effective weight loss agent Pro-Diuretics Cleanses body of excess minerals Diuretics-Contra Dehydration Tobias Pankow and Jan Wenning produces male hormones (testosterone)
increases the process of nitrogen retention
used to increase muscle growth Lance Armstrong 7 time winner of Tour de France
cancer survivor (idol)
admitted doping usage
head of biggest organized doping
forced teammates to participate
used EPO and Steroids Pro-Steroids Quickens muscle growth Pro-Steroids Increases amount of
nitrogen in blood Steroids-Contra Can lead
to Impotence Steroids-Contra Hinders growth in
teens Steroids-Contra Creates joint
problems Pro-Amphetamines Increases alertness and
physical ability Pro-Amphetamines Increases athlete's
morale Amphetamines-Contra Highly Addictive Amphetamines-Contra Various
Depressions Steroids In conclusion, doping should not be legalized because the grievous risks and side effects for the athletes' health outweigh any positive attributes towards performance and attractiveness of the sports. History of Doping 1988 Seoul Olympics
Ben Johnson won 100m with WR
admitted doping after positive test
second place Carl Lewis was awarded the medal
later proved to also have doped (2003) East Germany
forced to take steroids
pressured through secret police
part of state policy http://www.tarleton.edu/Departments/anatomy/erythro.html Supplement with strong diuretic properties http://www.fusionbodybuilding.com/subq/science Pressure to succeed Trainer's standards
Sponsor's expectation
High competition http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00056980.html http://spor.internethaber.com/foto-galeri/7685-p6/cinsiyet-degistiren-sporcular.html scientopia.­org/­blogs/­scicurious/­2010/­08/­26/­back-­to-­basics-­4-­dopamine/­
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