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Lesson 5: May I help you?

For Korean Elementary School book.

Mike Crawford

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of Lesson 5: May I help you?

Lesson 5! May I help you? What does it MEAN? Where do we say May I help you? Question May I help you? Answer sure! yes! YES Okay No, thank you. NO I'm okay. Who says May I help you? A waiter A shopkeeper Prices Money Roleplay Expensive Cheap What does it MEAN? What does it MEAN? What things are expensive? What things are cheap? What country? What do you call something that costs A LOT of money? What do you call something that DOESN'T cost a lot of money? Let's watch a video! Who is he? What is he doing? Who is she? What is Richard buying? What is Mike wearing? How much is this? What is Richard waiting for? Is Richard Happy? Running! Pizza time Richard Mike A moustache Hair products Change Richard's girlfriend No, he's sad 50,000KRW Question time! Something that costs a lot of money Something that DOESN'T cost a lot of money Student A is Mike Student B is Richard May I help you? Yes How much are these? 50,000 Won 50,000 Won That's too expensive Okay, here's 50,000 I'll just get your change ... Let's practice! Let's perform! What time is it? Who is he? Review Good job today!

Give yourself a clap! By Nonzeroenfilade A shop! A restaurant!
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