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Photo Essay For History 1st one

No description

Tanya Orbulescu

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Photo Essay For History 1st one

Photo Essay
By: Tanya Orbulescu
In the 1920's they spoke much
differently than they do now, here are some of the slangs they used.
In the 1920's the flapper look was really in,
flapper meant a woman who would dress
in short skirts and had bob haircuts. Men
generally liked to wear suits they even had
some accessories on the side like, pocket watches.

Art & Culture 1920's
After the first world war, art started to become more noticed. There was a group of artists called the "group of seven" in their art they tried to show Canada and its beauty by painting pictures of landscapes
Ice hockey was first introduced at the summer olympics, the men's teams won over 20 gold medals. The women's hockey team wasn't brought up until 1998 they also won a fair amount of medals three gold and one silver.
Transportation and technology
Canada became the second largest producer of automobiles in the world. The Second World War gave the industry a huge boost, as Canada became one of the main suppliers of military vehicles. By the end of the 1920's they started making the cars more affordable for citizens they sold nearly 1.9 million cars by the end of the decade.
Even back in the 1920's they
had to advertise their products
for costumers to purchase, they would do this is in many ways such as make flyers, announcements on the radio etc.
Coca- Cola was introduced in the 1880's,
at first the drink was marketed as a medicine and
it claimed to cure headaches but by the 1920's they told costumers it was just a refreshment. They made lots of money advertising this product.
Labour movement and the assembly line
Soon after American and Canadian
soldiers came home from the war, they found
a booming economy with lots of jobs to go
around. Many worked for Ford Motor Company.
Women's Rights
Women had won the right to vote during the war, few women were elected to the house of commons or to the provincial governments. In 1921- Agnes Macphail became first female Member of Parliament. Most women were looked down apon, and men would expect them to stay home.
1920s Prohibition
Prohibition is widespread in Canada. But it was different between provinces, most stores that would sell alcohol would be closed. Alcohol can still be sold through the government for industrial, scientific, mechanical, artistic and medical uses. Most places can sell their products outside their own province with proper documentation.
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