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CMIN 201 (Sp '15) T04 - Theological Foundations for Global Missions

WAS: CMIN 201 (Sp '13) T03 - God’s Great Commissions for the Nations use this for topic 4 in CMIN 201 (Sp '15)

Hartmut Scherer

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of CMIN 201 (Sp '15) T04 - Theological Foundations for Global Missions

God’s Great Commissions for the Nations
*Highlighting some thoughts from Jeff Lewis, “God’s Great Commissions for the Nations” in Mike Barnett, ed., Discovering the Mission of God: Best Missional Practices for the 21st Century (IVP 2012), 99-113.
3 stages of the redemptive hope for all the peoples of the earth:
1. stage: God's mission through
- to establish Israel as a nation as
an example of God's rule
2. stage: God's mission through
- to restore Israel and to be a light to
the world
3. stage: God's mission through the body of
- to manifest Christ's rule
on earth
God's promise to bless the nations has not been fully accomplished, but he will accomplish his purpose through his people.
- Jesus gave all commissioning statements after his resurrection
Make disciples of all nations - Matt 28:18-20
- multiplying other believers (not converts) of the king
- striving to be like their teacher
- living among people groups for an extended period of time (not short-term)
- includes the verbal and visual witness of the good news
- requires obedience to Christ's teachings (more than knowledge)
Preach the gospel to all creation - Mark 16:15
followers of Christ (not few specialists) are called to
the good news
- all followers of Christ need to be flexible and
regarding their

on earth (dynamic will of God)
Proclaim to all nations the message of repentance for the forgiveness of sins - Luke 24:46-49
- three themes of the message: cross, resurrection and worldwide
gospel proclamation (call to repentance)
- the call of sinners to repentance is heard comparatively seldom today
- preach the gospel to all nations (Jerusalem at Pentecost was not the home
of the disciples)
Receive the Holy Spirit and be sent by Christ - John 20:21-22
- in being sent as the Son, we experience intimate communion with God
- through the Holy Spirit we have fellowship with the triune God (implies a
personal relationship with the sender)
- by the empowering of the Spirit we accomplish Jesus' sending task
Be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth - Acts 1:8
- our knowledge of Christ
- our passion for Christ
- the gospel both locally and internationally (simultaneous, not sequential
We, the community of believers, are to bear witness of
Historical Context of the Great Commissions
Five Great Commissions
- each commissioning statement emphasizes an aspect of God's mission
- Matthew’s commission takes place in
some weeks after the resurrection
- time and place of Mark's commission statement is difficult to determine
- Luke’s and John's commission statements:
both in
on the same night after the resurrection
timing and place are the same, but there is not a single verbal overlap
- Acts: 40 days after the resurrection in
, not in Jerusalem
- Jesus’ being precedes the church’s doing
- central idea of discipling is that of learning in the context of a relationship
- Mark’s gospel reminds us that mission occurs in the context of hostility,
opposition, suffering and failure of disciples
- we are send for the purpose of announcing forgiveness
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