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Herman Kaglik

Wrongfully Convicted

Cathy Cao

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Herman Kaglik

Herman Kaglik By Cathy Cao 35 years old
Plumbing and heating contractor
Inuvik, Northwest Territories The Crime Sexual assault
37-year-old niece
March 21, 1992 Second trial in 1994
2 additional convictions of sexual assault Sentence First trial: 4 years
Second trial: 6 years
Total sentence of 10 years Evidence Accusation of victim
Semen stained panties What Led to the Conviction? Victim lacked motive
"Evidence" supported niece's testimony
Second conviction based on verdict of first
Lack of publicity due to Native status
Discovery of Innocence Assigned a new lawyer
DNA test conducted
Semen did not belong to Kaglik Discarded Confession Niece confessed perjury to police officers
Dying with cancer
One year prior to DNA test Exoneration Acquitted April 16, 1997
4 years and 4 months in prison
Never retried for second set of charges
Exonerated in 1998 Compensation December, 2000
$1.1 Million
Reimbursed for legal fees incurred
Largest settlement for conviction other than murder Future Precautions Thorough investigation
DNA test conducted on semen
Quicker/easier access to legal representation
Confessions made to police and judge
Focus on maintaining justice Background
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