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Copy of Nutrition Lesson 4

No description

Melanie Mellen

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Nutrition Lesson 4

Nutrition Lesson 4- My Plate
Laugh of the day
Objectives of the Day:
Students will:
Select a healthy diet based on 2010 Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate.
identify nutrient dense food and foods high in empty calories
explain health risks associated with a poor diet
assess their current dietary and physical activity habits using MyPlate.

Build a Healthy Plate Powerpoint
My Plate is the new icon that has replaced MyPyramid. The information about what and how much we eat has not changed- They are both illustrations that are based on the same food groups and recommendations
MyPlate Worksheet Activity
Conclusion/EXIT SLIP

What are 3 simple changes you can make to your DIET today that will be easy to do and easy to maintain?
Why are serving sizes a crucial piece of information on the food label?

How does exercise reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease?
(TEXT paragraph - at least 3 examples).


Hand out "Get to know my Plate Food Groups"
Put the list of Foods in the corrrect food group
Go over answers - see answers on lesson plan

If time... TAKE OUT THE FOOD LOG YOU DID TWO DAYS AGO... (or create one now)
Then compare what you had to what you SHOULD have according to MyPlate
Did anyone do well?
What will you try and work on?
Can you identify any foods you ate in excess that have alot of sugar,fat, or sodium?
use your phones to go to choosemyplate.gov
Explore the website & answer questions for an exit slip.
Nutrition Tip of the Day:
Use a minimum amount of salt in cooking and try not to add additional salt.
Youtube Challenge - I told my kids I ate all of their Halloween candy.
Log on to myfitnesspal.com
Log your energy
in & out for day 2.
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