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Dallas Winston (the Outsiders)

No description

Sabrina St-Georges

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of Dallas Winston (the Outsiders)

After being hit by a falling plank of wood in the burning church while trying to save the children, Johnny was about to die due to the severity of his burns. But he pushed through and stayed strong for as long as he could. Johnny was really the only person Dally loved. Then, due to his injuries, Johnny died, and this really affected Dally both physically and mentally. After Johnny said his last words to Ponyboy and passed away, Dally took his death very hard and ran out of the hospital room because he had just lost the one person he truly loved. Johnny’s death had a serious impact on Dally. When Johnny died, Dally thought it would be good to take matters into his own hands and to go rob a store to end his problems, not having to deal with them anymore. He would have been better off just asking a nurse or doctor how to deal with the pain after the death of his friend. Instead, he thought it would be necessary to get himself killed out of grief. Dallas was the type of person who would not show his feelings towards the people around him. He wanted to act all cool and tough around his friends. But it just shows, that no matter how tough you try to be, when the person you love most dies, you completely fall apart, both inside and out. And exactly that happened to Dally. Johnny's death pushed Dally so far that he was willing to take his own life. Dally believed that after Johnny died, it was best for him to end his life as well, saving himself pain for the rest of his life. His identity changes when after the death of friend, showing that the world does not only revolve around him and that he does have feelings when it comes to the people he truly loves. And that is exactly what he did. Not being able to deal with the physical or emotional pain anymore, he would be with Johnny in Heaven.
Dallas Winston
(the Outsiders)

Dally, Ponyboy and Johnny
The Gang
The Rumble
Burning Church
Dallas Winston (Dally)
Dally's Death
At the gas station
#1: Dally is released from jail....
#3: Helping Johnny and Ponyboy....
#4: Lying for Johnny and Ponyboy....
-'I didn't know you were out of the cooler yet, Dally.'
-'Good behavior. Got off early.'
(the Outsiders pg. 11)
At the start of the story, we are introduced to Dally. The first impression that we get when introduced to this character is that he is a dangerous and arrogant person. We can see that he is clearly rebellious against the law. We know this after Dally is released from jail. However, he is released early because of 'good behavior'. From this statement we can guess that maybe Dally was able to learn his lesson for bad behavior after some jail time. After being thrown in jail Dally might behave differently throughout the story. Jail is also a sign that Dally might make better decisions later on. Because he was put into jail, we know that Dally might have been an irresponsible person. Jail is meant to teach people a lesson. So hopefully after a few months of spending some time in jail, Dallas might be a slightly different or better person.
Dallas Winston is not known to be one of the most caring or selfless characters in
the Outsiders
. What we knew about Dally was changed after we saw how he risked his life to save Ponyboy and Johnny. This was a major sign that Dally was not completely selfish or only concerned with his own well-being. This is also a development in Dally's identity. When he realizes how close he came to losing Johnny in the burning church, he rushed in to help Johnny. Risking his own life just to help someone else is a big change in Dally. Being famous for his criminal record, robbing stores, getting into fights and many other things are what mostly make up Dally's identity. However, when he rushes in to help Johnny we see that Dally does care about others. We can also see that he does not want to lose the people he loves, and that he cares about.
#5: Saving the children....
Dally’s maturity level was very low, because he really did not care what he did in terms of being sent to jail, and getting in trouble and so on. He did not care if doing what he loved also got him into a lot of trouble. If it made him happy, nothing was going to get in his way. He did not really show much affection to the Greasers, but the one person he loved most was Johnny. Dally was always a person who would go way too far, and during the rumble that is exactly what he did. He was supposed to stay in the hospital after being injured saving the kids from the burning church. He should have stayed in bed and rested, but instead he chose to be there for the rumble, support his friends and fight. Dally was someone who would act like a criminal but could also show much affection at times, and care for the people around him. During the rumble he did everything he could to fight the Socs, and he went in that fight like there was no tomorrow. He hit, kicked, and punched, anything, just to show the Socs who were boss. Already being violent in general, the Rumble against the Socs just frustrated Dally even more, pushing him to his limit of becoming a lot more aggressive towards the Socs. This shows that Dallas gets mad easily and wants to take his anger out on people. He thought that the world revolved only around him and no one else. Dally believed that no one loved him, but the Greasers did. Dally had made a lot of mistakes in his life, like being in jail multiple times for robbing stores, etc., but he won the Rumble against the Socs and he was there for his friends whenever they needed him.
#6: The Rumble....
#7: Johnny's death....
Most Greasers like violence and fighting. But not Johnny. Johnny is the type of person who would not use violence to solve his issues. Johnny became especially paranoid after the Socs beat him up. After Dally heard that Johnny had murdered a Soc, he wanted to help him get out of trouble. He did this because he cared about Johnny very much. It a was a very big shock to Dally that Johnny would ever hurt anyone. He was worried that Johnny would get put into jail for his acts and that he would change. Dally was well aware of what jail did to people. It made them cruel and heartless. He did not want Johnny to be like that. He wanted Johnny to stay the same and not become as cruel Dally. So to help Johnny he gave him a gun, 50 bucks and a place to hide. Dallas knew how bad it would have been to be in Johnny's position and he felt the need to protect him. After Dally helped Johnny he felt an increase of affection for Johnny. This made him care more about Johnny and what happened to him. This explains why later on in the story Dally has such a break down when the only person he loves and cares about dies.
Dally walked us back to the door, turning off the porch lights before we stepped out. 'Git goin'!' He messed up Johnny's hair. 'Take care, kid,' he said softly.
(the Outsiders pg. 48)
Dally was standing there, and when he saw me he screamed,'For Pete's sake, get outa there! Forget those blasted kids!'
(the Outsiders pg. 72)
"Don't you know a rumble ain't a rumble unless I'm in it?"
(the Outsiders pg. 109)
"Never could keep that hair back... that's what you get for tryin' to help people, you little punk, that's what you get..."
(the Outsiders pg. 113)
#2: Dally flirts at the movies....
When it comes to girls, Dally’s maturity level drops greatly. He was the type of guy who would flirt with any good looking girl that was in sight, whether the girl liked it or not. One night Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally decide to go to an outdoor movie. While there, they meet two girls named Sherry Valance (Cherry), and Marcia. The boys decide to sit in the row behind them, and Dally begins to be extremely obnoxious and annoying towards the two girls. Cherry asked him several times to stop being so irritating. Fortunately for her, Dally gets up as the movie starts and goes to get coke for all of them. As he returns back to the seats with the coke, he hands Cherry a cup, but being already infuriated with his childish behaviour, she throws the coke in his face. Marcia, being occupied by talking to Two-Bit has no idea how annoying Dallas is being to her friend. Cherry getting more and more annoyed as the time progresses with how the way Dally is acting, begins talking to Ponyboy, and asks him if would like to go and buy some coke and popcorn, and he agrees to go with her. When the two arrive back to their spots, Dally begins to talk to Cherry once again, and continues to be impolite towards her. And that is when Johnny thinks it is a good idea to tell him to stop. Dally did not expect that to come from Johnny since they are best friends. But after Johnny had said that, Dally got up and left. Cherry thanks Johnny and continues to talk to Ponyboy. This shows that Dally can be really rude and disrespectful to other people. Dallas does not understand that his annoyance really gets to people. This shows that his identity is revolved a lot about him and not for the people around him. He believed that Cherry actually wanted to talk to him, but in reality he was just being obnoxious and childish. This shows us that Dally has absolutely no respect to her, and that he basically acts like a little kid when it comes to talking to girls.
"This might cool you off."
(the Outsiders pg. 20)
After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally thinks it is a good idea to handle things on his own by going to rob a store. Johnny was the one person Dally really loved and it broke him when the person who was closest to him died. After leaving the hospital, Dally goes to a small grocery store, rips up a magazine and after the store clerk says if he rips that, that he would have to pay. This aggravates Dally even more after having to deal with the fact that his best friend had just died, and pulls out his unloaded gun to scare the store clerk, yelling for the money. A few moments later Dally leaves with the money and calls Darry from a payphone telling him that the cops will be after him in a few minutes because of what he had just done. He tells Darry to meet him in the park, but just as the Greasers see Dally, the police show up. Dally holding his unloaded weapon, is then fired at by the police, resulting in his death. His identity changes greatly from the beginning of the movie to the end, showing that before he did not show any feeling toward the people around him to basically falling apart after the death of his best friend. After Johnny died, Dally did not think he had anything else to live for, so he thought it was a good idea to get himself killed to end the pain he was already in and for it not to continue anymore. Dally believed that he should end his life, just because his friend died. The death of Johnny really pushed Dally too far, prompting him to threaten the police with his gun.
#8: Robbery....
#9: Death....
After Dally robs the grocery store, he calls Darry to warn him that the cops would be after him for what he had just done. Dally tells Darry that they should meet him in the park, but just as the Greasers arrive at the park to help Dally, the cops pull up in their cars. Dally, thinking it be a good idea, takes out his unloaded weapon and poses as if he were going to shoot the cops. Ponyboy was trying to stop the police by trying to tell them that the gun was not loaded, but they did not hear him screaming. The police thinking he will shoot, not knowing the gun is not loaded, begin a gunfire and end up shooting Dally until he falls to the ground resulting in his death. The death of his best friend really killed Dally inside, and made him believe that since Johnny died, he had nothing left to live for and thought that it was a good idea to just end his life like that. Since Johnny was the closest person to Dally, he thought that it would be a good idea to end his life as well to be with Johnny. You can see that Dally had no control over his life after this had happened, because the pain really struck him hard. Johnny was the one person Dally really loved and he did not want to live his life anymore without his best friend by his side. That is why he thought that he should just end the pain before it got worse. At the end, it just shows that no matter how tough you are or appear to be, if someone you love dies, you completely fall apart. And that is exactly what happened to Dallas. He thought that he should end his life, just so the physical and emotional pain would end for him forever.
"I been carryin' a heater. It ain't loaded, but it sure does help a bluff"
(the Outsiders pg. 116)
After helping Johnny and Ponyboy into hiding, Dally knew that he was going to have to lie to protect both of the boys. Dally was known for his criminal record. This made him a suspect for the murder. Instead of accusing Johnny of the murder he lied to keep them safe. He also the police that they were in Texas instead of revealing their actual location. This act showed that Dally would do anything to protect his friends. He did it even though he knew he could get into trouble for doing so. It showed that Dally was going from a careless and selfish person who did not care about anyone but himself, to a person who would risk getting into trouble to help others. By doing so, he becomes more mature by being more helpful towards others.
"It was Dally. He phoned from a booth. He's just robbed a grocery store and the cops are after him. We gotta hide him. He'll be at the lot in a minute."
(the Outsiders pg. 116)
"Shoot, kid, them boys at the station know me by now. I get hauled in for everything that happens in our turf. While I was there I kinda let it slip that y'all were hiding in Texas. So that's where they're lookin' . "
(the Outsiders pg. 63)
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